Aio Wireless had previously announced they were getting ready to expand nationwide. And well, it looks like that expansion has happened. Coming by way of the Aio Wireless website, the service is here and all US customers can now order a phone and service plan online. Plus, Aio Wireless still has that previously announced special offer in place.

That offer was announced earlier in the month and basically means a free month of service for new customers. Aio Wireless has said those looking to take advantage of this offer will need to activate service no later than September 29th. As for that free month, that will actually be your third month of service.

The carrier has a few options for service and those are priced at $40, $55 and $70 per month. These three plans all include unlimited talk, text and data. The $40 per month Aio Basic plan is only available for basic (feature) phones and includes 250MB of high-speed data. The $55 Aio Smart and $70 Aio Pro plans are for basic phones and smartphones.

The Smart plan includes 2GB of high-speed data and the Pro plan includes 7GB of high-speed data. In addition, all three plans include the basics such as voicemail, call waiting/forwarding and 3way calling. Aio Wireless also has a tablet plan available for $15 per month. That tablet plan includes 250MB of high-speed data.

Plans aside, there is a decent (still growing) selection of devices available from Aio Wireless. The carrier recently launched the Galaxy S 4 for $579.99 and they also have some lower priced options available such as the Galaxy Express, Galaxy Amp, ZTE Overture and ZTE Prelude which are selling for $249.99, $129.99, $149.99 and $49.99 respectively.

Bottom line here, Aio Wireless has gone from being available in a limited few markets to being available nationwide.