Aereo has just announced their service is coming to Chromecast. Starting May 29, anyone who currently uses Aereo to watch live TV can cast it to their Chromecast via their mobile device. With the duo of Aereo and Chromecast, users can now watch live TV for roughly $8/month.

Aereo has been disruptive for legacy TV, as they offer live TV and many popular channels across devices. There is no cable subscription to be had, and Aereo is expanding rapidly across the US. If you’re not familiar, think of Aereo as a cloud-based TV service, which also has a DVR feature for pausing live TV.

For your $8/month, you’ll get access to Aereo’s cloud based Antennae and DVR, with 20 hours of DVR storage. If you bump that up to $12/month, you’ll get 60 hours of DVR storage. Your first month with Aereo is also free, so it can’t hurt to give it a shot.

This, along with Slingbox, bring live TV to the Chromecast, with Aereo being one of the sleeper hits for the device. Live TV on any device was already cool, but doing so via Chromecast adds another interesting layer. The problem? Many already use their cable provider for Internet access, so it may not be “cutting the cord” for everyone. For those who are on-the-go more than they’re at home, though — this is something to get excited about.