When Adobe AIr started showing up on Android everyone was excited to see what it would bring as far as rich applications and games. We have seen quite a bit but I honestly thought it would see more use. You can read more about Adobe AIR here. It has not had the most support latest and news regarding AIR has been few and far between, but this latest report should get developers rocking on Adobe AIR soon.

Sony and Adobe have partnered and are starting a developer contest and will be handing out over $200,000 in cash prizes for users and developers that specifically target Adobe Air, as well as develop apps for Sony products like the Xperia Play or the new Sony S2 Tablet.

This will be a great opportunity for start-ups and small developers to test their skills and possibly score a nice chunk of change courtesy of Sony and Adobe. They are looking for some quality and creative applications and games using Adobe AIR and have faith in the Android development community. I have a feeling they are looking for apps and games specifically for Sony’s new tablets so utilizing both of those 5.5″ screens on the S2 could really help you win some of that cash.

[via Phandroid]