There has been a bit of drama going on with the ad blocking application for Android devices called Adblock Plus. Earlier this month Google pulled the application from its Google Play marketplace. Adblock Plus wasn’t the only ad blocking application removed, several others were as well.

While ad blocking applications have been available on the Google Play store for a while, they were in violation of the store’s terms of service. If you still want to use Adblock Plus, the developers have a new update for the application that is available to download right now. The catch is that you will have to manually install the update or you won’t get updates in the future.

There are a lot of new features in the new version, which brings the application to 1.1. One of the key new features is the implementation of automatic updates. The update also brings additional dialogue to help users set up manual proxy configurations. The newly updated app also switches to the Holo user interface theme.

Rounding out some the other major fixes is a workaround for a Chrome issue that causes blank pages. An issue with URLs containing apostrophes was also fixed and icon hiding was improved. You can download the application right now from the link below.

[via Adblock Plus]


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