Call Of Duty’s Elite app for Android has more than half a million downloads, but publisher Activision isn’t going to rest on their haunches. They told T3 today that the augmented game service would be breaking out of its small-screen shackles and landing on tablets soon. Activision Product Director Noah Heller said that this was no mere upscaling; it’ll be a native tablet app on both iOS and Android, presumably bringing the user interface elements from Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich along with it.

For the uninitiated, Call of Duty Elite is an extra paid service that augments the Call of Duty games (most recently Modern Warfare 3) with extra downloadable content, lifetime and cross-platform stats and out-of-game loadout changes. Players of MW3 and Call of Duty Black Opps on any platform can sign up for the $50 a year service, which includes access to the current Android and iOS app. There’s no gameplay in the app, though video (tournaments and replays, presumably) may be a part of the tablet app.

The current app isn’t exactly a smash hit with Android users. Reviews for Call of Duty: Elite have earned it a 3.2 rating, with login issues, rapid battery drain and a poorly copied interface. But then, players aren’t paying solely for the app – they want to know their K/D ratio and every last polygonal bullet they’ve ever fired. Here’s hoping that the more robust options available on Android tablets will inspire a more thorough Android version.