The problem with older phones – or just phones whose manufacturers fail to update the software, for that matter – is that they’re stuck in an older version of Android with seemingly no hope of being able to experience the newer features. This is where an app like Action Launcher comes to fore, bringing the newer features of Android to most phones that can support a launcher.

With this new release, Action Launcher is incorporating the new Pixel 2-style Google search bar. If you checked out the recent Pixel 2 launch, you will have noticed that the new Google flagships are sporting the new Pixel 2 launcher, with the iconic search bar moved from its usual place at the top of the screen down to the bottom.

Action Launcher is already including this feature in its most recent update, with a lot more customization available so you can make this search bar kind of your own. You can customize the colors, the layout of the box, and even apps that get incorporated with the search.

If you haven’t tried Action Launcher yet, check out the download link below. It brings Oreo features down to devices that are powered even by Android Lollipop, so this might be the fresh approach you’re looking for, just for your old device.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: Action Launcher