Action Launcher

TapPath lets you control where your links will lead to

While you most likely have a default browser with which to open the links that you click on wherever you are on your smartphone, there are times when you wish you had more options right? Well of course there’s an app for that and TapPath wants to be your app of choice for that kind of problem. It gives you the ability to control where yuou would like the add to lead to when you tap it once, twice or thrice.

Action Launcher 2.0 hands-on

Action Launcher 2.0 exited the beta phase yesterday evening. Version 2.0 had been in beta for sometime, but despite regularly using Action Launcher, we held off on installing the beta release. Well, after spending some time with v2.0 last evening and this morning -- we are now wishing we would have updated sooner. First and foremost though, along with some new features, Action Launcher 2.0 also brought a free and paid version.

Action Launcher 2.0 update teased by developer

There isn't any shortage of options when it comes to launchers. A quick search of the Play Store will turn up numerous results and each seems to have their own group of diehard users. As for us, since taking a deep dive into launchers over the summer, we have been stuck on Action Launcher. The app is currently sitting at v1.9.1 and while things are stable and comfortable, we are anxiously waiting the big 2.0 release.