There isn’t any shortage of options when it comes to launchers. A quick search of the Play Store will turn up numerous results and each seems to have their own group of diehard users. As for us, since taking a deep dive into launchers over the summer, we have been stuck on Action Launcher. The app is currently sitting at v1.9.1 and while things are stable and comfortable, we are anxiously waiting the big 2.0 release.

With that in mind, the developer, Chris Lacy, has recently take to Google+ with a preview of the 2.0 release — which is going to include some new features and functionality. Action Launcher has had a feature called Quickdraw, which allows you quick access to all your installed apps by swiping in from the left. Well, looking forward to the 2.0 update and it looks like they are going to bring in a new feature with a swipe in from the right.

This is called Quickpage and it brings the promise of allowing the user to do anything they can do on a regular Action Launcher home screen. This includes shutters, covers, folders, shortcuts, widgets and more. Basically, the Quickpage is another available home screen page — it is just one that is quickly and easily accessible with a swipe.

At first thought, this may not exactly make a lot of sense. After all why would you need to swipe to the right to bring up another full-featured home screen called Quickpage, when you can already do that with any Android handset. The key comes in with what Lacy called 1-Swipe. This means a user can be in any app and quickly access that new page with a swipe. In this case, Lacy demonstrates this using a Quickpage setup with recent apps.

That being said, the video sitting below offers a nice walkthrough of these features and while there hasn’t been any Action Launcher 2.0 release date given just yet, those interesting are able to test it today. In order to get this early access you will need to install Action Launcher from the Play Store (if you are not already a user) and then once installed, join the Action Launcher G+ Community (here) and sign up for the beta (here).

SOURCE: +Chris Lacy