The partnership between Adobe and Dropbox delighted many designers and developers because syncing between the two made their work a lot easier. These creatives were allowed to be more productive than ever because they began to use important PDF files right from their mobile devices. Instead of having to download the documents they need work on or files they need to refer to for their tasks, they can now quickly access the files that are saved in Dropbox. These common actions can also be done on the Adobe mobile app.

A few months after the cloud integration, the two are announcing that an extension of the said service will be offered to more than 300 million users of Acrobat Reader for Android. This news brings more people freehand access to the PDF documents available like open, edit, and even saves changes on a file. Feel free to highlight, add comments, or annotate on the PDF files. The changes you made will also be saved in your Dropbox.

Editing on the Dropbox app will be synced with the Acrobat Reader mobile app. This feature makes working on-the-go easier and more convenient because you don’t have to manually download, upload, and then sync your work with another app every time changes are made. Adobe works well with Dropbox, making the pair an ideal tool for productivity so you can get all tasks done in no time.

The number of those who connected their Acrobat Reader mobile to their Dropbox accounts reached millions. Meanwhile, over a million PDF files in Dropbox are opened monthly on the average using the Acrobat Reader mobile app since October 2015.

Download all Adobe and Dropbox versions to make sure that cloud integration between the two apps will work smoothly.

SOURCE: Dropbox, Adobe


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