If you find it annoying that you have to make so many steps when you’re accessing and opening PDF files from and to your Dropbox and/or Adobe Acrobat Reader, then the latest news from these two tech brands will make you and your productivity brain cells happy. The two are partnering to help users have a seamless and easier time to both read and edit, save, and share PDF files, now on desktop, later on for mobile.

All you have to do to be able to enjoy this seamless integration is to add your Dropbox account to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader desktop apps. After that, you can now open the PDFs stored in your Dropbox account from within the Adobe apps themselves. Any edits you make on the file, whether you highlight certain sections, electronically sign a contract, write comments, etc, will be automatically saved on your Dropbox. So no need to download, edit, and reupload once editing is finished.


Since the file is automatically saved on your Dropbox, you can easily share it with your collaborators without going through so many steps. Aside from opening a Dropbox file from your Acrobat program, you can also open a PDF file from your Dropbox, right click and open to the Adobe app that you want to use.

Sadly, this isn’t available yet for Android mobile devices. You’d have to wait a few more months as the Android integration will happen sometime 2016 with no specific month stated. Make sure your Adobe Acrobat Reader desktop app is updated to the latest version to be able to enjoy this integration.

SOURCE: Dropbox