Acer, maker of many great Android and Chrome products, will attempt to copy their success on a smaller scale. The company has announced they will be making wearable devices, with the first expected to hit shelves later this year. Surprisingly, these products were also demoed under everyone’s nose at CES, as Acer notes they showed them off to various partners behind closed doors.

 Unfortunately, Acer wasn’t forthcoming about which types of devices it was working on or bringing to market. There could be a smartwatch in the mix, and will almost certainly be a health meter of some sort. One thing we’re comfortable in assuming is that they’ll at least support Android, if they don’t plan on bringing the platform’s interface to their wearables in some way. We’re still feeling the looming threat of a Google smartwatch or other wrist wearable tech on the horizon.

“We actually had demonstrated our products [wearable devices] to some of the company’s clients at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.” said Peter Shieh, Acer VP of Corporate Business Accounts in Taiwan. He went on to note “the company is still developing certain types of wearable devices… we certainly aim to play a role in the new market.” Again, no revelation of what’s to come.

In June of last year, Acer’s smartphone president, ST Lieu, said the company was looking at wearables, but said they’d be at least a year away. Though they have popular smartphones in other parts of the world, they’ve not brought those to the US. The wearable sector, however, is one Acer could easily make headway in, and perhaps even dominate. We look no further than their recent takeover of the Chromebook sector, another fast rising division of technology, to see where Acer’s strengths lie.
VIA: SlashGear


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