Acer unveiled the 5.7-inch Liquid S1 phablet back in early June and while that handset is still relatively new, it looks like the follow-up is already in the works. Taking that a step further and it looks like some details of that follow-up device have recently leaked. What we are seeing is coming by way of a leaked company roadmap from Acer.

The handset is dubbed the Liquid S2 and it is currently sporting a codename of Hemingway. More exciting though, this leaked roadmap does come with some specs and it looks like the display will be slightly larger as compared to the Liquid S1. The roadmap points towards the handset as arriving with a Full HD resolution. What we are seeing has the Liquid S2 sporting a 5.98-inch Full HD IPS display.

Other specs coming from this roadmap point towards a handset with a quad-core 2.3GHz processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. While not specifically mentioned just yet, it is believed the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. Of course, processor aside, that same can be said about all these specs given this is just an early leak. There wasn’t any mention of the camera, however the other remaining spec detailed in this leak was NFC.

According to the screenshot, it would appear as if we may be seeing an official announcement sooner rather than later. That image has the Liquid S2 as launching in August 2013. Time will tell how accurate that ends up being, but with the month nearly half over it would appear as if Acer may be running out of time.

The other bit that remains a mystery is which version of Android will arrive with the handset. The roadmap details have it listed as being “K OS” which of course has brought speculation of it being Key Lime Pie. We aren’t fully convinced that will be the case, however it would certainly be nice to learn what we can expect from the next major release of Android.

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SOURCE: Computer Base