BillShrink got to work on the price calculations right after the Google Nexus One went official, and a few hours later, they came up with the results. Apparently, the Nexus One Android handset undercuts the other great Android phone; the DROID by Motorola as well as the iPhone 3GS, but not the Palm Pre.

With a price of $529 SIM-free and unlocked, and at $179 subsidized via T-Mobile USA, the Nexus One total cost of ownership compared with the iPhone vs. Droid vs. Palm Pre, is cheaper than the first 2 handsets, and only the Sprint Palm Pre comes cheaper. Ownership is based on a two year contract plan; the 16GB iPhone 3GS totals $3,799 on AT&T with an unlimited plan and $2,839 for an “average plan”.

Those are the same prices for the Motorola DROID on Verizon; $3,799 for the unlimited plan and $2,839 for the average plan, that’s higher than T-Mobile’s pricing of; $2,579 unlimited and $2,339 average. The Palm Pre on Sprint is $2,549 for the unlimited plan, and $2,309 for the average plan. We are well aware that prices alone do not make a device better than others, but it sure helps on this crazy economy. Go on and click on the graphic below to see it full-sized.


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