We just announced Google’s recent application for a patent to bring voice controls to Google TV. Lo and behold, Able Remote does just that. It essentially turns your Android device into a Google TV remote control. The remote doesn’t limit the user to simple touch commands either; swiping gestures as well as voice commands will offer users a more customized way to control their television.

The tappable controls can be assigned to any location on the device, thus offering an even more custom experience. Remote buttons can also act much like bookmarks too. If you have a website you visit often, it’s possible to create a custom button that takes you there.

Once synced to Google TV, your text messages and phone calls have the capability to display on the big screen. And as if this wasn’t good enough, adopters of Able Remote will be able to instantly stream photos and videos from their device to television. It’s hard to believe this application is free in the Android Market. Be sure to let us know how you like it!

[via Official GoogleTV Blog]