Looks like PDAnet has some competition now. For the longest they have been the most popular way to tether your Android device without the need for root. Now enters EasyTether. This app works for MOST Android phones, but has been discovered to not be ramped up for 4G phones thus far. We’re crossing our fingers really, really hard for this app to work with faster speeds in the future. For now though, 3G.

This tethering solution offers you unrestricted tethering for free. Unlike PDAnet who restricts HTTPS connections unless you pay a fee of $29. To get started scan the barcode, visit EasyTether’s site to download the appropriate drivers and you will be tethering to your hearts delight in no time. The only downside is this currently only supports Windows XP/7 and Vista 32 bit OS’s. But keep an eye out for them they are looking to make this compatible with OSX and all 64 bit Windows OS’s in the near future.