Remember the days when you had clear pagers where you can see the guts of the device from the outside? Well, the concept is still cool, and it has been done with other smartphones before – but those are not the current Samsung flagship. Now our favorite device YouTube tester has shown us that if you wanted a Samsung Galaxy S8 with a clear glass back panel, you can absolutely go for it.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S6, a number of the Korean giant’s devices have had glass back panels. That gave people opportunities to try for a smartphone that had a fully transparent back panel – since, of course, it was made of glass. “JerryRigEverything” has done some awesome stuff with the smartphones he has tested over his YouTube channel, but this one is pretty special. Take a look below.

As you can see, having a Samsung Galaxy S8 with a clear back panel is a pretty easy thing to do. It only requires that you have safe hands and know how to take the back panel off the phone. If you’ve done teardowns before, this should be easy. Then you need a good strong paint remover for the coating and plastic laminate layer. It’s really pretty simple.

Of course, as our tester reminds us in the video, there are caveats. You will have voided your warranty by opening up the glass panel, and with this process, the phone’s waterproofing will totally be non-existent. If you’re willing to live with those caveats, then you will probably have the best looking Galaxy S8 out there.