The Galaxy Note 5 is the sole “Note” device among the recent premium flagship smartphones by Samsung. It arrived together with the new Galaxy S6 Edge+ as the younger sibling of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. The phablet is unique too because it’s the only one in the group to use the S Pen stylus. It’s already a thing of beauty but some Redditor named Skarface08 managed to make a “clearer” version. By “clearer” we mean it now sports a transparent casing that allows you to see through the panel.

Skarface08 didn’t buy and install a clear casing but simply peeled off the plastic film of the back cover. He said that it could easily be removed so he decided to just remove everything. The result is a beautiful, clear, and transparent Galaxy Note 5. The back material is glass so the plastic film can be easily peeled off. Obviously, the plastic film was simply laid out on the glass surface.

The Galaxy Note 5’s back cover is clear now. It makes the phone pretty cool but we’re guessing it will void the warranty. We’re not recommending this one but it’s up to you if want something “cool” and “transparent”. Make sure you’re good at screws and that your hands are careful enough to hold the precious glass so you won’t break the back cover.

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