Squinting to look at Samsung’s Nexus Prime teaser video? Trying to imagine what the phone thing looks like in good lighting? Well wonder no more: a generous reddit user calling himself or herself Greyhaven7 has put together a photo manipulation from stills in the Unbox Event video, and you can get your first solid look at the next Google superphone.

With the cleaned-up image, you can clearly see the side-mounted power button and three electrical contacts, which may or may not be for a dockable tablet. The added background in this image doesn’t lend itself towards that speculation, at least. The bump on the left side is a trait that the Nexus Prime shares with the Galaxy S II, a close hardware cousin. The slip of casing on the right side is probably the phone’s camera. According to recent rumors, the phone will grace Verizon’s airwaves on October 27th.

Without the fancy effects in the original video, the curve on the screen seems a lot less dramatic, and more in line with the Samsung Nexus S. That should make at least a few eager Android fans happy, as the original looked a little extreme for a pocket device. We can’t wait to see the phone in all its glory at CTIA next Tuesday – be sure to keep an eye on Android Community for all the latest updates.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]