Sony has been pretty sketchy when it comes to updating their Android-powered TV models. At CES 2016 (that’s in January 2016), the Japanese company made promises about updating Android TV models to Marshmallow – and they only made good with that promise almost a year later. Some Sony Android TV users are getting reminders about an impending update, and it sounds a lot like Nougat.

Some owners of Sony branded TV models powered by Android have been getting a reminder – and that reminder has already appeared officially online at time of writing. The message does not explicitly say that the TVs will be upgraded to Android Nougat. The features that they will be adding on give us the feeling of Nougat, because some of it are exclusive to Android 7.0.

But as we mentioned earlier, the company’s track record with firmware updates to their TV models is sketchy at best. The messaging mentions that the update will roll out after May 2017, but as you know, there are a lot of months after May.

But there is hope, perpetually. We’d like to think that Sony is getting their act together with this update. Hopefully, this update will give users a better Android TV experience. We just hope it arrives soon.

VIA: Android Police


  1. Why is the Sony x930d not in this list list to be upgraded to Nougat? It’s weird that the x850d is on the list and not the x930d!

    • X930D uses ATV1 chipset while the X850E uses ATV2, Nougat will come to all but Sony starts with their flagships.


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