Do people still go to actual movie theaters? Do people still watch TV on the actual TV set? Some would say there are still “old school” media consumers who prefer to access their movies and TV shows in its original format. But a lot would say that digital content has already eclipsed movie tickets and TV viewership, or at least it’s getting there. Google Play Movies continues to expand its reach of bringing this digital videos to your Android devices, and now 8 more countries have been added to their list.

Movie and TV lovers from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Hungary, Iceland, Macedonia, Malta, Slovenia, Taiwan will now be able to purchase and view their favorite videos from the Google Play Store. This brings to 102 the total number of countries that are given the chance to browse through their extensive library of old and recently-released movies on video as well as full seasons of several TV shows. However, the latter is only available in Australia, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The addition of these countries comes on the heel of the addition of several more countries in the Google Play Music and All Access list. Google Play Books also recently underwent a slight revamp, trying to become the ereader of choice for non-fiction books as it adapts features that you would normally use on an actual book.

Google seems to be firing on all cylinders to get a piece of the pie in terms of digital content, trying to be as competitive as they can with industrly leaders like Netflix (movies), Spotify (music) and Kindle (books). If you live in any of the 8 new countries in the list, you can now download the Google Play Movies app and buy movies to your heart’s content.

SOURCE: Google