While fiction reading through digital means have really taken up these past few years, some people would still prefer to read non-fiction material the old school way because it’s easier to skim through it, refer to notes they’ve made, etc. The latest update to Google Play Books now makes it easier to do the same in your non-fiction ebooks as it will allow users to browse through, make notes, highlight and other features just like you would a real book.

One of the features introduced to make this possible is Quick Bookmarks. For example, you’re researching for a paper you’re making and you need to jump from one part of the book to another. You can now easily switch between the two chapters you’re reading as long as you mark them down with the bookmark option. The Skim Mode lets you favorite or bookmark specific sections in a book, like if you’re looking through a travel book and want to mark specific spots you want to visit (digitally and literally) later on. This mode is also helpful for students as they can highlight certain passages and make notes on it, then go back to them later on.

The other features that make Google Play Books a great ebook reader before are still there, for both fiction and non-fiction books. If the book you’re reading has a location in it, click the text and it will give you a Geo Card with links to Google Maps, Wikipedia or web search. You can also use four colors to highlight specific passages, look up words in the dictionary, take notes and translate them from any language. Like other ebook readers too, it will synchronize across all your devices so you’ll never lose your place.

If you haven’t tried Google Play Books yet as an ebook reader, now is a good time as any to start. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store, and of course, you get some free titles (classics, free titles from certain publishers, and you can purchase in-app from its extensive collection of ebooks.

SOURCE: Google