Some people have called the impossibly addictive download hit game “2048” as “Flappy Bird for math geeks”. To a certain point, we would agree to that, given the number of people on our social network timelines posting their 2048 game progress. But because we live in a global society where it’s getting more difficult to lengthen attention span – and because four corners are not enough – we bring you 4096 Hexa, and be scared now, because it is exactly what you think it is.

Think of 2048 on overdrive, and you get 4096 Hexa made by developer Rey Pham. Players of the game’s predecessor will immediately know what the game is all about, although for most of us normal people who had problems with the mathematical squares of 2048, what sort of evil would a hexagonal mathematical game bring to this world? Instead of being able to slide squares in four directions, there are now 6 possible directions you can bring your numbers to. Sounds like fun? We beg to disagree, but to each his own, yes?

In terms of the game’s visuals, 4096 Hexa uses functional aesthetics laid down in HD resolution. High contrast aesthetics make every detail on your screen pop – everything is easy on the eyes. Tiles show different colors according to the numerical value they carry. It’s a simple game, but you won’t really enjoy playing a game that is not visually polished. Fear not, this one is sleek to the core.

The game has no sounds to speak of, which would have been a welcome addition. The controls are intuitive and there are no visible lags while playing the game. In terms of originality – well, how original can you really get with this, right? We estimate the replay value of the game near the top, since we know how math geeks are, and we all saw what happened when 2048 came out. Check out the game free via the source link, with in-app purchases to support the developer.

SOURCE: Google Play Store