The 3DMark benchmarking app arrived for Android earlier in the year. The app actually arrived back in April, and that came only after a few months of teasing. More to the point for today, 3DMark has arrived in the iTunes App Store. Yes, for iOS devices.

While we generally stick to Android, this iOS app release does bring an interesting twist given it has arrived on the same day as the expected iPhone 5S and 5C announcements. Needless to say, while benchmarks seem like something more often sought out by the more dedicated Android users, this release is opening up an easy way to compare both platforms.

In fact, Futuremark has launched the app with mention of how users will be able to “compare the fastest iOS, Android, Windows and Windows RT devices.” Basically, moving forward we will be able to easily see how the iPhone stacks up against the latest Android handsets. And maybe more accurate for today, how the newest iPhone stacks up against Android devices.

The 3DMark app will also work on the iPad. Getting specific in terms of device requirements, on the Android side users need Android 3.1 or later with 1GB of RAM and 155MB of storage. On iOS those minimum requirements are iOS6 with 512MB of RAM and 174MB of storage. It should also be said that 3DMark is available for free — on both Android and iOS.

Otherwise, 3DMark is touted as being a “professional level diagnostic tool” that is available for all users. The app offers a few options for testing, but in the end, we suspect it will be interesting to see how both platforms will stack up when compared side-by-side using the same benchmarking app.