Google has chosen 20 indie game developers as finalists for the Google Play Indie Games Festival, which celebrates the indie developer spirit in making Android mobile games. And with the announcement, Google also took the opportunity to open the invitations to register to attend the event, since it is going to be free to the public.

Attendees of this year’s Google Play Indie Games Festival will be able to play the games of the finalists and vote for their favorites. The finalists will be judged by a panel of industry judges, and they will select three winners.

Here is the list of finalists:

– 7 Pin Pool (SPG Inc)
– Age of Rivals (Roboto Games)
– Beast Brawlers: PvP Arena (V2 Games Inc.)
– Brave Hand (Heart Shaped Games)
– Covens (Raincrow Studios, LLC)
– Crashy Cars (Pixelbizarre)
– Dokudo (Sense of Wonder)
– Flipping Legend (Hiding Spot)
– Gladiator Rising (Happii Gamer Studio)
– Jigsaw Story (Happy Square Studio Inc.)
– Loteria Latin Bingo (Gorilla Bean Games)
– Maruta Escape (Busan Sanai Games)
– NoStranger (Black Vein Productions)
– Slayaway Camp (Blue Wizard Digital)
– Space Tunnel (Spacewave Studios)
– Splitter Critters (RAC7)
– Star Vikings Forever (Akupara Games)
– Storm Wars (
– Tiny Bubbles (Pine Street Codeworks)
– Topsoil (Nico Prins)

Google intends to keep this festival small, like last year where around 300 people came and attended. The idea is to make sure that there are opportunities for 1-on-1 conversations between users and developers.

SOURCE: Google


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