Hot on the heals of the news that European HTC Wildfire users should expect to see the Froyo update for their Android smartphone roll out sometime this week, Vodafone UK has announced that the Android 2.2 upgrade for their version of the handset is going out this morning.

However, it’s worth noting that the updated Wildfire still won’t support Flash in the browser or Live Wallpapers on the homescreen, because of “hardware limitations”. We’re guessing this is a shortcoming of the Wildfire’s processor.

Update: HTC PR tells us that the Wildfire update should be going out to all UK carriers this morning, in fact.

Today sees the launch of the Android 2.2 Froyo update for Vodafone HTC Wildfire customers.

Below are the details of what benefits updating to (Froyo) will give along with how to perform the update.

About the Update

What benefit will this software update deliver?

This update from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 introduces all the supported functionalities that are included in this OS update. For a full list, take a look here.

The most notable are:

– Support for USB tethering

– Possibility of installing applications to SD card (if supported by the application)

– Native support for Activesync Exchange (email, contacts and calendar sync) and security policies

– Enhanced Camera application

– Enhanced Bluetooth support

– Speed and stability improvements

– Multiple keyboard languages

– WiFi Hotspot tethering

NOTE: “Live wallpapers” and “Flash” support in the browser (Froyo features) are not supported due to hardware limitations.

When the update is available a message will appear on the handset, follow the instructions to install system software.

You can manually check if a software upgrade is available by selecting Menu from the Home screen, tapping Settings, scrolling down the screen, tapping About Phone and then System software updates. On this screen tap Check now.

How do I check what software version I have?

Menu > Settings > about phone > Software Information > Software Number

  • Renganathan

    Wildfire webkit browser already sports flash on websites…the info provided about flash is wrong..

  • faiz

    updated my wildfire to froyo today .. im loving it !!

  • Great news! Just checked for updates (a few times!) but no luck yet… Come on T-Mobile! Get a move on, It’s almost Christmas!

  • Jenny

    Can’t connect to 3G now i’ve had this updated. any ideas how to fix it?!?! anyone else having this problem?

  • anon

    Not Flash 10. which allows games etc.

  • aaron

    also cannot connect to 3g since update, whats with that??

  • Cb

    Had problems with the 3g too, i got it working by doing this (for orange)
    settings> wireless and netwrks> mobile networks> access point names > Orange internet(click the round button so it turns green)

    • Lydia

      I’ve lost 3g since upgrading too. But if I go to settings>wireless and networks>mobile networks>access point names then the screen is blank and there’s no Orange for me to select. Any suggestions, anyone?