Vodafone HTC Magic gets Android 2.2.1 OTA update

December 14, 2010

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Vodafone UK has begun the release of its Android 2.2.1 update for the HTC Magic. According to the company's forum, the Magic Froyo update will be a two-stage OTA affair: one update to prep the phone, and the second to actually install Android 2.2.1.

The update's release will be staggered, so you'll have to wait for your Magic to flag up that new software is available; there doesn't appear to be a way to manually trigger the install. Still, we're glad to see that the ageing Magic hasn't been left out in the cold.

"Android 2.2.1 will give customers a number of improvements including: latest Gmail and Android Market clients; ability to save applications directly onto an SD card; support for USB tethering so the phone can be used as a modem; improved support for Active Sync Exchange (email, contacts and calendar sync); enhancements to Bluetooth; and enhancements to the camera. The update also includes the latest Google security patches."

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  • Frances

    Will vodafone au be providing an OTA?

  • froyo for magic but not hero? hmm.

  • I read that, anyone has recieve it? i´m waiting for someone to tell us

  • Great news. I thought we’d been forgotten about! Hope it comes soon.

  • Diskbox

    So if we now roll back to factory default cupcake and get root will the OTA updates still install so we can have 2.2.1 with root?

  • I have the Vodafone HTC Magic but have an 02 simcard installed – will this affect me getting the update? Can’t wait to get my phone updated, I was going to look in to other phones during the new year!

  • Nick

    I received the first half of this update last night from Vodafone NZ.

    Still waiting on the second part.

  • Steve

    woo! just got the 2.2.1 update. i had no idea until my phone restarted and it gives the magic a completely new look. sweeet!!

  • I got the update a few hours ago.
    Only flash 10.1 seems not to be installed and cannot be found in the market. Anone knows a solution?

  • Phil

    I’ve now installed the new software. It’s good but all my applications have disappeared. That is in the extra menu area. They’re ion the phone in the ‘manage application’s ‘ section but I can’t open the apps from here???

  • pretzel

    I’m in Australia, and I got the first part of the update, but still waiting on the second

  • I got the update and now my phone is super slow and wont let me call or message anyone! it is really BAD! not happy at all!

    • De86

      That’s what mine’s been doing since it automatically updated in December. I can’t seem to fix it – it’s getting worse. I don’t understand most of what’s been said on this site so far and I don’t know where on the net to go to find another update – or downgrade to the old operating system and then try reinstalling this update. Can anyone help??

  • mickee_d

    vodafone au, htc magic, android 2.2.1 (froyo), just got the over-the-air update in 2 parts as the article says.
    like Amielia, mine was slow off the mark but once everything synced up (after about 10mins? maybe- i wasn’t counting) its all working fine.
    i’m really liking the new look and features like voice-to-text and other cool bits (like car mode) the old magic never had. it’s seriously like having a new phone. now i just need to get to work customising it 🙂
    re: flash, there does seem to be an issue.
    visit: m.flash.com and rather than getting adobe’s list of flicks and games, you get a prompt to download flash player 10.1 with a link that seems to go to the android market. but like Nick said, there ain’t nothing there that can be found.
    i’m happy i have a new old toy to play with.

  • hump

    My “home” and “search” buttons don’t seem to work after the update and my lockscreens went missing..

    Anyone else with this problem? It’s very annoying!

  • BOmb

    Flash does not work on the Magic hence it not being in the market

  • baksheesh

    Just got he 2.2.1 upgrade OTA from Vodafone AU

  • Jeroen

    USB mass storage not working anymore on Vista and Win7.

    Anyone else has this problem?

    • Martijn

      Same problem here, seems like it works with an extUSB cable…. Did you fix the problem already?

  • ian

    Oi! Vodafone! Why no Flash? It’s very annoying – I’ve been hanging on for ages, and having at last got 2.2.1 on my HTC Magic, I discover I still cannot view videos on the BBC News site.

  • Chris Aylward

    In response to Jeroen, I too have no access to access the memory via USB as a storage device. That also means the ‘new’ tethering feature isn’t working either. A shame because otherwise it’s a nice update that’s only a year and a half late! If Microsoft did it, it would be far worse!

  • El Cacho

    I have a dutch Vodafone Magic with, unlocked and im currently in Mexico and therefore a mexican chip inside. Still got the message for the update and now running 2.2.1! Android rulez 😉

  • El Cacho

    @ Ian. That has nothing to do with Vodafone, but more with Google. Download Dolphin Browser. It should support flash.

  • sleepybee

    I have got the OTA update on my Magic and am loving it- but I want to put HTC Sense on it (using instructions here: http://www.htc.com/hk-en/SupportViewNews.aspx?dl_id=765&news_id=355). Its HTC ROM Version: 3.03.990.6

    Does anyone know whether doing so will take me backwards from android version 2.2.1? As in will I be reverted back to an older base ROM and lose the updated features?

    And second question- if I do the HTC ROM upgrade and want to revert back by doing a factory reset will I still have the 2.2.1 version or go back to what the phone originally came with?


    I just got the update on my touch, and my phone works better than it use too.. i dont know what you guys talking about, it told me to download then everything on my phones looks nice and runs fine. like my old lg phone from android verizon. i was just doing some research on what i just did to my phone

  • deborah

    ive ordered a 2nd hand htc magic off ebay and its unlocked i’ll be using an o2 sim with it. does this mean i wont get the 2.2.1 update as im not using it with a vodafone sim or does the update come from htc? thanks in advance

  • Bobbin

    I got my eagerly anticipated OTA update a few days ago but apart from the new look I’m very disappointed. It was never real speedy to start with but now everything takes forever to happen. The Send SMS option has disappeared from the contacts as well. HTC Magic Vodafone Australia.

  • Rik

    Very nice! I downgraded my CM6 mod back to stock 1.6 (http://www.rikvanderplas.nl/lifehacking/5/vodafone-releases-android-2-2-1-for-htc-magic/) and the OTA was downloading right away. Do remember to setup the Android Market first, mine didn’t work before I did.

  • Paulinvite

    Received in 2 parts to my wives Vodafone Spain magic, totally un expected. Love my HTC desire. HTC rock, why anyone would buy the galaxy s with so updated beets me. Looking forward to gingerbread on my carrier free desire shortly.

  • Anon


    Wipe your user data + Applications and install them from scratch, pain in the arse but sorts out Battery drain and sluggishness. 2.2.1 is actually faster if from a clean slate.

    Best of luck


  • Vineeth

    very bad … not able to download flash…. simply wasted my time by upgrading android 2.2.1

  • George

    My Vodafone Magic won’t download the update at all. Instead of restarting it just returns me to the download button, as if nothing was downloaded in first place. Anyone know what it’s all about?? I really want to upgrade. Currently running on 1.5 firmware. If anyone knows anything about this please post your comments here. Thanx.

  • grahameyd

    i need help…huhuhuh. after the software update to Android 2.2.1(froyo), the gallery keeps on saying “loading photos and albums” while the camera is stuck. afraid to try so many downloads here cause i don’t know if it will work, it will it just harm my phone. My phone is HTC MAGIC VODAFONE, 32B. PLEASE HELP ME.

  • grahameyd

    can you give us the links for it. everything to uninstall then install it back. all the links the procedure and downloads for this software!!!! PLEASE THANKS