After a rather long wait and several coming soon style promises, Vine has been officially announced for Android. We saw the announcement a bit earlier this morning, but it looks like the launch is not going quite as well as one could have hoped. The app hadn’t yet begun showing in the Play Store when the earlier announcement hit and while that has since changed, there are still some issues.

Basically, this is for those who have tried to download the Vine app and are having issues — take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone. We have received word from several readers alerting us of the issue, however having been trying to download the app ourselves, we are already seeing the same thing.


You can take a look at the specific error message above. The Vine app is listed in the Play Store and showing as available, however there seems to be some issues with device compatibility. This error comes despite mention that “this app is compatible with all of your devices.” You will see that in the Play Store, however a click of the install button will tell you the Play Store “could not determine if this item is compatible with your device.”

All said and done, it looks like those who have been waiting for Vine to come available for Android will remain waiting. Well, at least for a little while anyway. Looking on the bright side though, we do think this will resolve itself soon enough. But with that in mind, this little delay just goes to add that little bit of extra frustration.

The original frustration arrived with the Vine for Android announcement and the features. Or in this case, the lack of features. The Vine app is launching for Android, however it has only the basics in terms of features and the promise of frequent updates over the coming weeks.

[Update] It looks like the device compatibility issues have since been resolved. Or in other words, if you have yet to do so, you can now follow the Play Store link below and begin creating some 6-second masterpieces.

VIA: Google Play Store

  • Gilbert G.

    I was able to download the app, but can’t seem to log in using twitter account. I get “An error occurred while trying to sign in though twitter”.

  • Mike London

    I downloaded without issue with my GS3, however it force closes as soon as I attempt to find friends. Another frustrating fail in the wait for this app.

    • Fresh2infinity

      Glad I’m not the only one having this issue…I’m on a galaxy nexus

  • Brian P.

    You would think they would’ve had plenty of time to work out these bugs.

  • TJ

    I downloaded the app and everything seems to be working completely fine. Droid DNA running a nightly CM10.1 build. Hope the Vine team gets everything going for everyone soon!

  • Got it on my Optimus G 🙂 Finally 😀

  • Cacy Forgenie

    Tried using it on my Tmobile Note2, I can see the Vines but I can’t load my own, just a screen with a gray box, no keyboard for text, and recording is slow.

  • dennis

    i can watch videos but when i try to record one it doesnt work.

  • Amber

    It runs very slow! Which I suppose is expected the first day it’s released but come on; they’ve made us wait for months, I’m sure we couldv’e waited a few more days for the extra bugs to be worked out. Also, anyone else not able to search tags, and people?

  • Darkerdaze

    wont let me link my account to twitter,,,,finally was able to edit my profile today and add a picture so maybe that will be resolved soon too.

  • Talia Llenahs

    I have the HTC Inspire 4G (Desire HD) and it straight up says my device isn’t compatible. Totally unfair, I never thought I had an outdated phone 🙁

    • Mike London

      You don’t, the app is basically broken.

  • Nicole

    It’s not compatible with my phone…? My phone isn’t that old.

    • john McCoy


  • I have Android 4.0 on a HTC Desire C and it downloaded fine but says ‘recording is not supported’. Is this something which will be fixed? If not it’s a useless app

    • Yuta Youness Bellali Zachary

      Grrr omg me too!

  • daiandnight

    i have an htc evo shift and it says my phone isn’t compatible wtf

  • john McCoy

    I have TMobile prism and it says my device isn’t compatible with this version

  • Evelyn Printz

    I downloaded it to my HTC Sensation XL without any problems at all, but sadly I couldn’t log in through my Twitter. So I created a new account through mail instead. Then I was going to record my first Vine, it didn’t work either. And at last I can’t even search for specific tags or accounts. I mean, I know my phone’s old but I’ve still got the latest android version! So disappointing!

  • Ivey

    I have a Motorola Photon and I still can get the app. Its very frustrating since all of my family and friends have it but i cant get it. Now what do i do?

  • Jalen

    I have a Samsung Infuse and it is not outdated and it says not compatible. Please fix this soon please.

  • Potatoner w

    Today, I got my Sony Xperia U with Android-Version 2.3.7 & it says, it isn’t compatible with my phone. This should be fixed soon. Actually I only bought this phone for gettin the vine app ):

    • vinary

      same happened to me. i was excited to know that there’s an android ver. of vine but it wasn’t working (compatible) with my Xperia Go. 🙁