Good news for all the LG Ally fans on Verizon, Android 2.2 is ready. The update (VS740ZVD) will bring all Ally devices up to the now mainstream Android 2.2 (Froyo).

The update should be pushing soon, and with it, the mid-range Android device will be sporting features that have become a commonplace in today’s mobile world.

Joining the ranks of the now 50% Android users on 2.2, the LG Ally further brings Verizon’s line-up up to date, or at least one OS behind. Now only if another phone, from another company can follow suit.

[Via IntoMobile]

  • mikr

    I got my Ally Android 2.2.1 update today. Finally!

    • SLC

      Since the update I can no longer send out Text MSGs. I can receive just fine…I don’t get it???

      • dayas

        Same here went threw the technical support and no help

  • thomas

    I like everything about the new update with the exception of two items 1. Before when phone was plugged in and charging it would tell you what percentage and the battery icon recognized that you were charging now it does not do either. 2. The calander widget is now non exsistant you can still add the app shortcut but I’m sure I will be downloading an app to correct this. I’m sure these will be resolved as more bugs are found but overall its much nicer

  • amo368

    2.2.1 update broke calendar and contact connected to exchange.. Corporate Calendar is no longer listed… Phone is a bit smoother but wasn’t worth losing my calendar and contacts… Dont they test these updates before pushing them out?

  • thomas

    Also quick not does anyone know if we can use the 3g hotspot appnow added? Or is this going to skyrocket our bill?

  • amo368

    I think it can be used but I would call verizon before using it to be sure.

  • If you want to use the 3g wireless hotspot you have to pay 20 more bucks a month. I got excited and did it to my laptop but the only internet page you’ll see is the sign up from verizon.

  • Krypton27

    Anyone having problems downloading adobe flash player 10 since getting the 2.2 update?

    • wimmerc

      I can’t. D/L flash player either. Says not found

    • Badwayz

      Got the flash player file to download,but I get a message saying “problem with parsing the link” sumthin like that, any ideas on a fix?

  • Jeff

    I thought with this update that you can download programs to SD card? I don’t see where I have that option.

    • wimmerc

      Goto settings/ applications/ manage.remove
      If app2sd available, the move button will be there.
      You have to check all apps independately
      I just checked my largest apps

  • thomas

    Ok yeah additional 20 bucks a month no thanks. And if you go under manage applications and choose an app most of them will say move to sd card but there are still a few that can’t be moved

  • Valerie

    I just got this update- and now I can’t send text messages… or receive/send emails… anyone else having this problem?

    • Casey

      I put the update on tonight and now I can not send text messages. I get a message saying the text is unable to send and I have good signal. I tried sending a message using the email app with my hotmail account configured and my message was not sent, and nothing showed up in my sent items folder.

  • Meg

    Ally runs faster, swipe is smoother, love Facebook update. Super frustrated that all of my ringtones reverted to the default, virtual keyboard went back to auto-correct, and not a huge fan of the white-on-light-blue text message background. Will take having to play with settings for the faster interface any day, though.

  • What do I do if my phone has not offered me that upgrade my husbands and daughters did but nothing on mine

  • shay

    I just got the I can’t get to my messages or make phone calls..what shoould I do.

  • Briseis

    I also can’t figure out how to download the flash player. Bummer, that’s the only reason I wanted the upgrade!

  • amanda

    I’m having the same problem as a few of you– no texts or calls. How do you fix it!

  • Michelle

    i had that problem too. upgraded like an hour ago.. finally working! i think it’s just lagging a bit. maybe do this upgrade right before you go to sleep so you won’t be wanting to text for a couple hours haha.

  • Orsolya

    To Valerie and Amanda:

    I had the same issue and had a hell of a day yesterday dealing with it. Bad news: it crashed our phones. The only solution tech support and the Verizon store had was to factory re-set it. I did that, and then I still couldn’t send/receive texts or make phone calls. Turns out, the update crashed something causing me to lose connection with Verzion as a provider. Meaning, my number wasn’t being reconized. In order to actually text (but still can’t really call) is to *228 pressing option 1(to activate phone as if it was new) every couple hrs. It is extrememly frustrating and I have had a horrible weekend dealing with it. The conclusion is that the phone is ultimately crashed due to this horrible update which I hate anyway, and they are now sending me a “certified new” (meaning refurbished and I am pissed) phone.

    Hope you have better luck than me. Not sure why the update screwed some of us over.

    • Courtney

      I had the same problem only my phone would not even turn on it just kept going between Verizon Wireless screen and LG without even making a sound. I went to the verizon store and they did a factory re-set still nothing. now I’m waiting for them to send me a different phone. Very frustrating. Should of just left it alone.

  • anonarchist

    LG Ally doesn’t have a fast enough CPU to run Flash and therefore it never will.

  • JH25

    I have two questions:
    1) Is there a way to delete the News and Weather and the new 3G apps (or any of the other junk that they’ve cluttered my phone)?
    2) Is there a way to stop aps from automatically starting (like Yahoo)?

  • justine

    i got this update last night. i could not send or recieve any messages of phone calls for an hour. i have a habit of force closing any running APP in the running services settings, and i guess i forced closed the LGDunService and Google Messaging Service, which is why i could recieve phone calls, but when i leave them running, all is well.
    Also, i hate the new white and blue messaging template. -.-
    everything seems to be working fine.
    but if i do a factory reset…do i lose any of my data and settings at all?

  • Andrew

    I can do everything BUT send text messages, yet i can recieve them, how do i fix this?!

  • Maria

    I lost my LG Ally Theme. I dont like the Android theme plus I lost all my favorites on my 5 different home pages.

  • Is there any way to force the update… mine doesn’t seem to want it.

    Everyone wondering about the 3G hotspot… VERIZON WILL RAPE YOU FOR DATA, just root and use barnacle for free.

  • Orsolya

    Good job reading, Andrew! (sarcasm)

    Update: Verizon says that LG has placed a “critical mass flag” meaning many people complained about the crashes and are trying to fix it. We will either A) receive another update to fix the bugs B) Be issued replacement phones ONLY if you call tech support and they flag your account about the bugs AND if LG decides that is the path they will take.

    More than likely we will receive another update and we just have to wait 😛

  • Evonne Vanderhorst

    My paid ringtones have been deleted, so I’m very upset about that. Also, I have never before had problems connecting to the internet and now, although I was able to connect with some difficulty last night, I can’t connect at all right now with any application. Not pleased.

  • Evonne Vanderhorst

    Also, I’m getting a lot of “[This application] has stopped. Force Close” menus. Nothing is working.

  • Steve

    Got the update yesterday morning and installed fine. Now, I have lost all my picture frames. It kept saying my text messages were full and I couldn’t receive any until I deleted some. I deleted about 2000 messages and it still said I was full. It keeps saying I am running out of space even after I moved about 25mb worth of apps to the SD card and deleted some. I only have about 5 apps that I have installed since getting the phone and my pic gallery is empty so not sure where i can get more space. It keeps running apps I don’t want running (like mail). My notifications are screwed up. It continues to start the mail app and ding when I get a new email. I have changed the settings 5 times and it still comes up. WTF? Other than that the new interface looks good.

    • Badwayz

      I couldn’t send or receive text yesterday, and I got the update on Sunday morning..after Trying everything short of a hard reset, nothing worked, by the evening I was literailly watching the internal memory disappear ..finally went to my Hotmail and seen I had 345 emails in the TRASH FOLDER…deleted those,problem solved, did the same for my Gmail account also..everything is fine and i gained almost 14megs of memory back…hope this helps….

  • Angelina

    i can’t send text messages but can receive them.. what the hell do i do?

  • Jay

    At least I’m not alone not being able to text. Hope they fix this soon.

  • Orsolya

    Angelina, please read my above messages regarding the texting issue.

    (You people need to learn how to READ)

  • Samantha

    I am quite unhappy with a few of the newer features of the update. I do not like how all notifications have to have the same ringtone. I used to have a different sound for email and texts now they are all the same and there is no way to separate them. Also, there is no need for adding the profile pictures to the text feeds.

  • Lee Kelton

    Mine is slower and it kicks me off saying foreclose

  • Lee Kelton

    I also don’t like my background on my text or call log. I could have done with out the news and weather that’s y I got the weather channel app. Also the hell with a hot spot if they going to charge u a arm and leg it should be free if u got unlimited data and internet already on your phone

  • dustin deitz

    I got the update on my ally and think it sucks still can’t get flash player thought was one of reasons for update

  • Dayan

    does anyone know how to disable auto reply?
    Does any one else find this annoying?

  • d skiles

    Downloaded the update 2 days ago, seemed ok, then last night touch screen stopped working – can’t unlock the screen, can’t turn phone off. Can hear and see that calls and texts are coming in, but can’t access them. Can use my car’s phone screen to access voice mail with this phone. While doing this, i could view the phone’s screen, but no touch controls were functional.

  • d skiles

    Turns out all it took was taking the battery out and putting it back in. No loss of data – yay!

  • cassie

    what i dont like the most is how i can no longer put my phone on silent!!!!
    and now my text notification color is blue instead of white ugh

  • shanna

    This update completely sucks. My phone is lagging it freezes constantly and it just sucks all around. My phone halfway sends messages and my screen gets unresponsive! Please fix asap I don’t wanna lose all my stuff getting a new phone. Thanxs!

  • SSmith

    I am having the same problem as shanna above. The Touchdown exchange app has stopped syncing, so I can no longer see unread exchange emails. Sending emails is causing the screen to freeze and to Force Stop. Very frustraing. Question: can Verizon help with the Touchdown issue or do I need to go to touchdown support?

  • Verizonhater

    Yeah! More things to go wrong with the ally….woo hoo….mine has never worked right! piece of S**t phone all the way.

    • jay

      yeah they deff are peace of shit phones i have one that will not get a signal at all so i cant even use my damn phone and no one wants to fix it and i cant find out how to fix the problem WTF

      • Mike

        sorry to here you cry. upgrade to droidx

      • Daniknobody

        Wow! Looking at the grammar and spelling of this string has left me feeling as though I may have dropped a few IQ points just from exposure. I have had my LG Ally for about 2 years.I have never had an issue with my signal or the phone. However I am also running Velocity 1.2 . I suppose anyone that is able to assemble a complete sentence might consider using an alternate ROM. With this ROM, the Ally becomes much faster and more powerful. Perhaps some of you could look into a solution rather than trashing LG AND VERIZON because you are too cheap to buy a top shelf product.

      • Mike

        sorry to here you cry. upgrade to droidx

  • i cannot get picture texts on my lg ally and when i click download the whole thing turns gray

  • jay

    the phones fucking garbege i have one that wont get a signal foe eneything and cant find no where to fix the damn problem

    • Irishmik

      shutup and stop whining. the phones fine. must be operator issue

    • Irishmik

      shutup and stop whining. the phones fine. must be operator issue

  • Pramich

    my profile from facebook does not show when i send text messages

    • Chaffins32

      Yours won’t show stupid. Do you have yourself saved as a contact? Oh… you don’t. Geeze maybe that’s why!

  • Pickjohn55

    Ya my fuc… phone never worked they just keep giving me a new phone and the new one works worse then the last pieace of shit phone I would like to smash this thing

  • Cmmarkley082209

    So sick of this stupid phone…there’s always some isuue with it. They replaced my first one with a “factory approved” replacement…meaning its a used phone. Now its doing the same damn thing the first one was doing. It does great fot awhile but then slowly gets worse. It gets really slow…takes forever to load pages and when it does load it hesitates so it messes you all up. Ugh!!!

  • Anonymous

    can someone tell me what the new update did? i just got right now and dont see any difference

  • Critter4_21

    any one know how fix if it got unplugged

    during an update

  • Rachelks08

    Has anyone had a problem with sending texts only? I can’t make and receive calls. And receive texts but I can’t send texts. They just come up as unable to send message. The little red triangle with an exclamation point. The only way I can get it to work now is by pressing send then making a call which allows my signal bars to go to full. But when I send a text the bars go down and up but still won’t send. Thanks for help in advance!

  • I have found that as long as I don’t download that update and completely shut off my phone and then turn it back on once a week, my phone works perfectly. I had the lagging, skipping, and freezing so I deleted the update and then do the restart once a week and I have NO problems. Take my advice-ignore the update…it will screw up your phone

  • Pkcloud

    Does anyone know how to empty e-mail trash?  I have emptied it on my computer, but it’s still on the phone.  It is taking up all my stroage space.

  • Meagansboyd

    I have no signal in my house… my hubands verizon phone works EVERYWHERE and my old envy had signal all day but the Ally… i have to stand outside to talk or i have to search for the two spots upstairs that i have a signal in. I cannot wait to get rid of this phone!!!

  • Meagansboyd

    I have no signal in my house… my hubands verizon phone works EVERYWHERE and my old envy had signal all day but the Ally… i have to stand outside to talk or i have to search for the two spots upstairs that i have a signal in. I cannot wait to get rid of this phone!!!