We’re still in the dark on what exactly the DROID Fighter is. All we really know is that it’s coming to Verizon (thanks to the DROID moniker) and that it’s probably made by Motorola, HTC or Samsung, as all the previous DROIDs have been. The most we’ve seen of it thus far is a listing in internal Verizon documents, but today, we know a little more. The DROID Fighter appears to be scheduled for release on April 12th.

We know that it isn’t the LG Cayman, leaked alongside the Fighter for a March 29th release (though we don’t know a lot about that one, either). And it isn’t the next Incredible or the rumored cheaper Galaxy Nexus, as those have both been leaked for still more dates on Verizon. Given that it has the DROID name and we haven’t seen hide nor hair of it, it’s either a mid-range phone without much exciting, or Verizon’s getting a lot better about keeping their upcoming phones under wraps.

So, place your bets, ladies and gentlemen: is the Fighter a battery-extended version of the DROID 4, a la the DROID RAZR MAXX? Could it be one of Samsung’s innumerable international models with a more local flair, like the Galaxy S Advance? Perhaps it’s one of the HTC One phones shown off at Mobile World Congress, with a red-tinted makeover? Step up and lay down your money: the windows close in five weeks.

[via Droid-Life]

  • PhoneGuy

    My hope is for something like the Galaxy Note with a Droid Razr Maxx build quality and battery life, tegra 3, apple retina type screen res and inductive charging/docking.  Doesn’t hurt to dream.

  • JohnPA2006

    Pic in post is a buzz droid, not a droid fighter.
    R2, aim for the center eye !

  • Jorgisven

    Or perhaps a Star Wars variant, a la R2-Droid 2?

  • Guest

    Great generic article.  Sounds like this phone could be anything.   Why not post *ACTUAL* information instead of random rumors or guesses???

  • Sthrncal

    the Cayman is the LG Lucid that will be released tomorrow 03/29