Verizon Posts Slew of Droid 3 Videos on Youtube

July 15, 2011

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Well the Motorola Droid 3 is finally available in stores. If you are looking to learn more about its (or Motoblur's...) features Verizon has published tons of how to videos to youtube. The videos, take you through a guided tour of the phone, each showing off a different feature of the Droid 3.

The videos show off how to use all of Motoblurs fancy social widgets, tethering, and accessories among other things. They may not be the most advanced protips to ever come from a carrier, but they're a great place to start if you're new to Android or Motoblur, or just want to see the Droid 3 in action.

If these videos look familiar, thats probably because a few of them were leaked in June (The videos were taken down since then). Now Verizon has put them up, along with a few more to help new Droid 3 users learn the ins and outs of their fancy new phone.

The Droid 3 is an undeniably nice phone, but that's a lot of Motobluriness covering up the Gingerbread goodness underneath. With a locked bootloader there's no way to get rid of it. I'm not a big fan of Motoblur, but maybe you'll disagree. Check out the videos below and let us know what you think about it?

[youtube tSGRi2N26ng]
[youtube eTmgIL0uL9U]
[youtube idHw3dwmdDU]
[youtube mb5Gt2ANjsw]
[youtube jsMzoGYs66c]
[youtube KffDOcH3Ihw]
[youtube QeP4yvEbpAY]
[youtube JGFnalRFRaA]
[youtube CKe2vMY8dq4]
[youtube zPq7EEDCkhM]
[youtube hIDsGKHFHQw]
[youtube ieajVegDTCc]
[youtube kkogt7sXJ4A]
[youtube Y2Q5LHCxXL4]
[youtube S38X5rHFOos]
[youtube djTqyaY9rbY]
[youtube j8QxYQ46vJw]
[youtube BHL5Y_eUzl8]
[youtube uDT24mRe9Sw]
[youtube iivfOHW31p0]

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