Verizon MAP leaks showing DROID 4, RAZR, and Bionic all getting prices slashed

January 26, 2012

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Another document has leaked from Big Red showing Verizon's latest MAP (minimum advertised price) plans for many of their current and upcoming devices. It looks like starting today, January 26th many of the popular DROID models such as the RAZR and Bionic will receive discounts in their price. Right on time for the new DROID RAZR MAXX that launched today to be at the top spot.

One interesting part from the leaked document shown below is the mention and pricing of the upcoming and still unreleased DROID 4. It has leaked plenty and we even got some hands-on time at CES with the new slider but now this latest map is showing a few dates and the price being slashed by $100. Showing the DROID 4 being discounted starting today from $299 down to $199 and being that price for the next 6 months. Now obviously the device isn't available yet but this could mean it was delayed and will still launch at $299. Or they'll release it at the lower price point -- but we don't know for sure.

Then the popular RAZR in all colors including white are seeing a small slash in their pricing to $279 down from $299. Making the new DROID RAZR MAXX and its 3,300 mAh battery the king of the hill -- in more ways than one. This has just been leaked so your best bet is to call up your local store and inquire about pricing on these devices. Check out our RAZR MAXX hands-on below too.

[via Droid-Life]

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  • Calvin Taylor

    100 buck price slash would be awesome… Already been planning to pick the Droid 4 up for months now….

  • GWTP published this two weeks ago.

  • Anonymous

    Price slash for DROID 4 because a DROID 4 Maxx will be on its way in April.

  • Anonymous

    The release of the DROID 4 is on Feb. 4th

  • Anonymous

    DROID 4 Maxx will be available 04-04-2012

  • Anonymous

    ICS will be available with the DROID 4 Maxx.

  • Anonymous

    Moto should have the ICS update for DROID 4, Bionic, Razr, and Razr Maxx by Feb 14.

  • Anonymous

    This is not just random guesses. Im predicting!! Haha! I hate knowing everything!!!