Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G leaks again: no HDMI confirmed

January 5, 2011

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  • Wow, if this is true, this would be a major disappointment. I’ll just get a Droid 2 if these stats end up being correct.

  • I won’t trust any rumors. I’ll wait until the actual specs are released before I make a decision on my next phone.

  • Masai

    Didn’t the source say it’s running 2.1??? wtf?

  • BiggerBen2010

    This wouldn’t be a big disappointment because
    HTC Thunderbolt get the Latest HTC sense & its got DLNA support & Media Link Box to connect it goes up to 720p or 1080p. You don’t need HDMI. But its little better to have HDMI. But that’s fine. It’s not a disappointment to me. Because I know HTC. So the news is wrong no disappointment. I love the new HTC thunderbolt.
    & its not confirmed yet & I don’t believe it don’t have hdmi. I think it has HDMI. Don’t believe in news all the time. HTC specs on HTC website not news. So I don’t believe that it don’t have a HDMI & its not confirmed yet stupid news, rubbish all lies android community & We don’t know yet. Not true & not a disappointment.

  • BiggerBen2010

    Thank you Big Easy, don’t trust rumors.

  • Chris

    This is a HUGELY different version of specs compared to several other sites out there reviewing possible info on the phone. I saw on numerous sites that it would be dual-core, running Gingerbread, have Google maps and such, an 8MP rear/5MP front camera, 16gb internal and expandable to 128gb SDHC, and an HDMI out. One place said it sounded like a “wish list,” and reading the specs in this article make it sound true. If these specs in this article are the real phone, Droid users everywhere will be completely disappointed. For a network as awesome as LTE, this phone would be a massive failure.

  • BiggerBen2010

    This source is lying to us. I dont trust it.
    HTC made lots of phones for android & the worlds biggest android phone maker than any company that made android phones & you saying its a disappointment. The only disappointment is the source & YOU Chris Davis. Not the phone YOU Chris Davis. I am extremely disappointed of you Chris Davis. This source is lies & all rumored. Fake!!

    Not Happy At All. 🙁
    Not Happy.

  • BiggerBen2010

    Chris, stop telling lies because this phone won’t be a failure its all rumor & all lies. So I don’t believe your crappy source of HTC Thunderbolt 4G

    This phone is not fail & it will be the best phone & android phone in the market end of disscution Chris.

  • BiggerBen2010

    By the way Chris, Droid users won’t be disappointed.
    I am a Droid user & I’m not disappointed. So shut up Chris.

  • BiggerBen2010

    HTC thunderbolt 4G 🙂

  • Chris

    If the actual phone specs are less than, and weaker, than the info I have been reading on other sites, then yes, the Thunderbolt will be a failure in the eyes of many users. How can a brand new 4G LTE droid phone not have 2.3? Or better cams than 1.3 front? 8gb of space? Please….

  • Raptor007

    I do remember HTC partnering with TomTom last year to be the included GPS app. You can d/l google maps if you want so its not a big deal.

    Single core, dual core to me not a huge concern and I do fully understand the benefits of dual core, I just don’t care on this particular phone purchase.

    Since GB just launched a few weeks ago there is no they could have fully tested and prepared this phone without delaying it yet again. We will get GB and hopefully they are already at work on it, but of course that will be a Verizon hold up.

    The best thing in 2011 is Verizon will offer us lots of choices for Android 4G phones, just wait for what you want.

  • Raptor007

    Chris, that German blog site has already been dispelled as rumor given the processor and the memory specs are not even reality for a phone launching today.

    You should remember the phones we get are what the carriers are want to give us. if we could get HTC to build a phone we could just buy for CDMA then we could get a much better configuration. But that won’t happen.

  • MtbEng

    I’m not buying what your selling Chris. If these specs are true, HTC would be the laughing stalk of CES 2011

  • Etahoe

    I can confirm the 1ghz processor. I work for Verizon and we just received a shipment of 6 today. I will get it because it’s lte, but I am disappointed. I will crack open the box tomorrow when we set up our displays.

  • Bria D

    Thanks for the info Etahoe. I feel the exact same way. Any word on a release date?

  • Wisht

    Etahoe – Any word on price? with this disappointment it better not be much.

  • Chris

    Funny how Etahoe, Bria D, and Wisht all are disappointed….even though just yesterday I commented that if these specs were true, we would all be disappointed, and I was lambasted for saying something so absurd!!! BiggerBen2010, you’re a child. HTC: make a phone we can be proud of owning and using instead of being “stuck” with another piece of outdated technology.

  • Matt

    4G > 3G…all i have to say