We reported a rumor on Monday that Verizon was preparing a long, long overdue Android 4.0.4 update for the Galaxy Nexus, which has been officially stuck on 4.0.2 since it’s release. Obviously the OTA update didn’t happen yesterday, but Google seems to be just as tired of the run-around as we are, because they’ve posted the relevant update file on their own servers. Stock Galaxy Nexus users, get it now, before Verizon decides that up-to-date software isn’t appropriate.

This isn’t a full ROM, just the update file for the 4.0.2 software on Verizon’s LTE flavor of the Galaxy Nexus. In order to run the IMM76K update you’ll need to be on the stock software – any other release or the various leaked versions of 4.0.4 will not work (root and custom recoveries are OK). Just reboot into recovery mode and flash the update.

Reports are coming in that the update is live on Verizon’s servers as well, so you could try the good old manual update through your system settings. Of course most carriers send out these updates in waves, so don’t be surprised if you get a null response. In either method you’ll be running the current version of Android for the first time in over six months –¬†congratulations! Changes include a few interface tweaks (especially on the power menu), bug fixes and new radios.

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  • Jarrod Bush

    You can’t just flash the update if you are on stock 4.0.2. It requires a ton of hoops to jump through. There is no install .zip file in stock recovery. That method only works for custom recovery users.

    • IdanShtayer

      I agree.. Being on stock is one thing, but having an unlocked bootloader and so on is another…

  • It’s NOT out yet….who says these go out in batches? Anyone got a REAL link that says this?? It’s NOT out yet. No announcement. No nothing yet.

    • dtrj787

      Unrooted users can not use this method. Will give error message then force you to pull battery.

  • jnance85

    I’m confused!!!

  • nexus_truth

    You have to root your phone to update it in this manner

    • You don’t have to root…you DO have to unlock your bootloader.

  • Zachary Morris

    Is this possible if I’m not rooted?

  • Whatever

    Lol! This whole thread is just a joke! Don’t people have something better to do? Go write a virus or something.

  • iamcris

    Verizon is the last carrier to update GNex to 4.04. Verizon does NOT have google wallet for the GNex. Verizon will be the LAST carrier to release Jellybean 5.0 for the GNex. Wake up. I quit Verizon and paid the $320 to kill my contract after only being with them for less than 4 months. You aren’t getting the Android experience with Verizon. Find a different ship and jump to it, cut your losses. Anyone want to buy a 4g LTE GNex for $150?

    • I will. reply to this with your email and I will email you.

    • psulli21

      Ill buy if he doesnt

    • dotLocutus

      Follow me on Twitter @dotLocutus and message me some info, I’d love to take that off your hands!

    • beny

      Congrats for leaving Verizon!!!! I swithced to Verizon whan the Galaxy was realesed but i want to kill my contract so bad. Just not many appealing phones to me out therr.

    • Zevi Schwartz

      Yes I’ll buy it

    • JimK

      I bought it. Thanks, iamcris, good doing business with you.

  • VZW is so ridiculous.

  • catchxxii

    Michael Crider are you even a journalist? did you do any investigation before publishing another rumor? If the update is on Verizon’s servers post a link? Screen shot? proof? Cite your sources?

    I feel these sites like “android community” and a hand full of others are drumming up traffic and hits on their sites by propagating rumors. These tech blogs have little to no journalistic integrity, and given their recent track record, very little credibility.

    • Guest

      Totally correct. In my day we needed two named sources. I’m traveling with the phone and currently stuck on pathetic 1 bar of 3G…..Ventura county big town, should be 4g. Lucky yo have MacBook and Ethernet in the room to share the 100k turtle connect…..blah

  • jnance85

    Come on now…Everyone is on here complaining about Verizon. I switched to Verizon in January and got the Gnex. Am I frustrated with the buggy 4.0.2 that I have had since then? Yes, I am. Let’s be honest though…The other people I personally know that own one and myself have not had any major issues. The laggy live wallpapers, keyboard at times,(only in certain apps) slow 3G to 4G cross over and occasional low signal. Stuff I can live with when comparing my phone to ANY thing else right now. The DRAZR, GNote, iPhone 4S…All these phones still don’t seem to perform as silky smooth as a buggy Gnex! It will eventually happen people! Not worth paying to terminate your service over!!! Sheesh!

  • Jason

    I was running 4.0.2 on Verizon GNex, with unlocked bootloaded and rooted, though no custom rom just running stock. Downloaded the file from here, flashed it with Clockworkmod Recovery, and am in the process of rebooting. Just got through the weird rainbow squares flipping screen, now it”s saying “Android is upgrading….Optimizing application n of 56” “Starting applications.” It just booted fine, checked and it’s on 4.0.4, baseband l515.09 V.FC04/l515.FC05, Build number IMM76K.

    Based on initial tests, camera app is about 1,000,000 times faster, give or take. MUCH faster when you have the video camera up, then turn the screen off, and turn it back on. The recent apps is indeed faster, even with 15+ apps queued. Autorotate does seem a little faster maybe, but still not as responsive as the iPhone.

    Might be a placebo effect, might be because I just rebooted my phone, but the entire OS seems faster. I recommend this, especially if you’re already rooted.

  • fes

    how do you unlock the bootloader?

  • Hidroid

    Goggle has already voiced their frustration with Verizon(without naming them) about keeping pure google devices like the Gnex and Xoom updated. Google has made the update available two or 3 times now so as much as i don’t mod my phones I have the 39mb zip file sitting on my laptop which will make my stock Gnex work even better then it does. My first phone was unusable but the refurb i received has barely had any issues in comparison at least. Either way reception could be better and that’s what the 4.04 update brings.

  • Franklin Irelan

    Flashed 4.0.4 and I’m happy to say rotation fixed multi touch fixed landscape keyboard fixed reboots fixed idk about radios just get root fuck big red there’s ways around warenty