Verizon has just set up a teaser page for it’s upcoming 4G LTE-based network. Details are scarce and no word on which handsets will utilize their 4G even though we have narrowed it down to Android on our own terms.

At the teaser page you can sign up for email updates and you will be informed when they are ready to inform. Let’s just hope we can see some Verizon 4G phones this year!

“What is Verizon’s 4G? It’s your signal…at full-tilt.
It’s an abundance of bandwidth. Reducing your lag time significantly.
And it’s powerful signal makes you invincible.

Be the first to defy boundaries and ride the lightning of Verizon’s 4G signal.”

Entering your email address will allow you to receive alerts with the latest Verizon 4G news including the launch date, pricing, coverage, and much more.

… Ready to be invincible?

[Via Engadget]