This is an awesome hack, it’s actually not much hacking involved but we’ll still call it that because it sounds cooler. You can now use your Wii remote to play games on your Android device. There is no need to use onscreen buttons now.

In the past few weeks we’ve seen controllers added to Android devices as an overlay on the keys and even an Atari controller hacked to work with a G1. This involves less effort than those, all you need is an emulator, an Android handset, a Wii remote and an app called Wiimote and you’re in business. Checkout the video below then gets started on your device.


Wiimote Market Description:

This demo allows you to interact with a Wii Controller using a Bluetooth enabled device.

New features:
- Connect to multiple controllers simultaneously
- Toggle LEDs and rumble
- New UI
- Extension controllers

[via engadget]

  • Cookchanz

    When I try to connect the wiimote it states no route to host. How do I solve this and connect?

    • Averjk

      Do you have a Samsung device?

      • Zack

        same prob
        i have a pantech burst

      • Suppercut

        Pantech Burst is not supported. Don’t feel bad; I got stuck with one as well.

        I canNOT play MMX with touch. >_<

    • Luke

      I have da same prob, did u figure it out

    • Luke

      I have da same prob, did u figure it out

    • Suppercut

      It means your phone is not supported.

  • James98 Ja

    wat the app called that the games are in

  • Jrocakamrgraffiti

    Is an incredible 2 compatible?

  • Andrew Blevins

    I have a Samsung but it keeps asking me for a pin and everyone I try is wrong

  • BarleySinger

    WiiControllerIME is now the “Wii Controller Demo”, and I think there is a paid version for $0.99

    However the demo program (which is supposed to determine it the programs works for you) crashes every time it is run on my Samsung Galaxy S2.