For those who still use TracFone we have some good news to report regarding upcoming smartphone options on the carrier. TracFone, one of the nations largest prepaid wireless options is about to get what appears to be 4 new Android smartphones from the folks at LG. The details were leaked earlier today but we’re still looking for the full rundown.

The popular leakster @evleaks has just confirmed that four entry level and mid-range smartphones will be headed to TracFone, they all run Android (sadly some are Gingerbread) and are all being made by LG. The image above reveals four different handsets, but we don’t have details on each specific device.

For now the details are still extremely light and all we have is the image above as well as the names of the smartphones. They appear to be about 3.5-inches in size up to 4.0-inches, but that can’t be confirmed. What we do know are names. Clockwise, from top left: Optimus Dynamic, Optimus Extreme, Optimus Quest, and Optimus Ultimate.

Most of TracFone’s current devices are quite weak, many aren’t even smartphones, but recently they’ve received attention for carrying the iPhone on Straight Talk in select regions. Now Straight Talk has the iPhone, and TracFone will be getting 4 improved smartphones from LG. We’ll update when we learn more details and specs for these devices.

[via 9to5Google]


    • Halima Abdulghani

      And? If you use any cell phone twice a week for an average of 10 minutes, why pay $50 a month? Everyone is not cell phone dependent, texts to communicate (we actually talk to one another face to face) and wants to use the internet on a 2 inch screen.

      • Pam Berry

        At last someone who is not addicted to a dam phone!!!!!

  • a whole line of GALAXY and a whole line of OPTIMUS. These guys must be in love with TRANSFORMERS 🙂

  • patstar5

    Well there plans are the best if you don’t want to pay monthly. Buy a few cards and for $100-$200 your good for a year. Wonder if they will change there data plans. Nokia needs to go into this market and put there phones on prepaid carriers like this with a small selection so there handset is more likely to get picked.

  • Magda Bridenhim

    I was just asking that question last week in facebook that when taracphone ws get androids I’m thrilled !!!

  • tmc8080

    Will you ever be able to buy data properly on trac? You utilize minutes as data.. which doesn’t make sense. It should be a combo plan where if you buy a card and it comes with a range of data upto unlimited minutes/data for $35 a month (3g speed on 4g phones). Are these phone for trac, or the net10/straight talk brands? ALL smartphones tend to be for these.. although trac users have be clamoring for smart phones with data & wifi. Another possiblity is to have unlimited talk/text & messaging start at $15 a month (ie, unlimited 64kb data) and begin to phase out minutes ( a little more than twice the price of basic minute cards lasting 3 months or $7 a month).

  • Magda Bridenhim

    Oh really I just learned this post is from april and t hose phones were released to Net 10 and Straight talk so in reality it wasn’t for tracfone. So were they misleading the community suggesting Tracfine will get androids? In anyways if they do get ’em the prices will be the same as straight talk, and Net Ten. I don’t think we will be getting triple minutes for an android. So it doesn’t make any difference if they get them or not.

    • Connie Miller

      Tracfone just had a TV ad announcing the newest version of
      their Smartphone. I saw it 11/30/13. Has a $7.00 a month charge. Didn’t catch all the details. I’ve had a Tracfone for yrs. and love it. I always renew with the 1 yr. card, the best value, renew before minutes expire and they carry over.

  • Jerry Franklin

    Stright Talk phone is not a Trackfone phone!!!!

    • Nick

      These Phones Are On Tracfones Network.

    • gary

      Straight Talk is a brand of Tracfone

  • NoNameAvailable

    Tracfone will release this phones on september 21 of 2013,i work for tracfone actually,the models are the LG L38,HUAWEI 868,SAMSUNG 720 and ZTE 208,not so sure about the ZTE specifc but for the other ones yes.You will be able to purchase data cards from 300 750 and 2G and they roll over.

    • Joe

      Do you know what phone they are having as a world launch on HSN?

    • Jason Williams

      curious to know if tracfone will disable the wifi like they do on all their other phones – that’s a real dealbreaker.

      • Nick

        The Phones Have WIFI

      • Jason Williams

        has there been any update on price / availability?

      • sooz

        I have Tracfone Samsung Galaxy Centura and primarily use Wifi, so no, it is not idsabled.

    • Bob

      Do any of those phones run on the gsm network?

  • Iron

    Something is going on because data cards just popped up on TracPhones website. For all the time Net 10 has had android phones, air time cards for them never appeared on Tracphones actual website. Mainly because they were not needed.

  • Melissa Dawson

    We will be launching a Samsung Galaxy on HSN tomorrow night with Tracfone service. Tune in at midnight!

    • Frank

      Any new Tracfone coming in 2014 to HSN? Thanks

  • JOE


  • kelly

    still waiting. the optimus dynamic is showing up on tracfones website, but you can’t order it

  • summer30134

    what is gingerbread??

  • summer30134

    what is the difference between “straight talk” and tracfone? Do they have different providers?

    • Yup

      With Straight Talk you pay $40 for a month and you get unlimited text, calls, sending photos & everything else ’til the end of that calendar month. With Tracfones, EVERYTHING is charged by minutes.

      • Pam c

        Straight is $45 a month for smartphones. Please read the fine print before telling people they get unlimited everything.
        It’s a good way to go if you want a prepaid smartphone and make use of your “unlimited” services.

        Straight talk uses pretty much all the major carriers towers so you need to check to see which tower your cellphone will be using. Tracfone smartphones use Verizon towers and are not LTE capable. Well Verizon doesn’t really let any MVNO use their LTE…

        I would say Tracfone has the potential for being considerably cheaper. Keep in mind that coupon codes do not work with tracfone android. Tracfone has somewhat low smartphones. You can access the internet and use apps from the Google PlayStore but you will only get 3G service.

        Either way you should check carrier maps to see which will give you the best coverage. Then go from there.