It’s finally here folks, as in right this minute available for Android. It’s time to get out those phones and start running, swiping and jumping in the latest gaming sensation for Android. Temple Run was stated to be finally and officially released for Android today, and a few minutes past midnight it’s here and available for all. The game runs great and I’m addicted (as if I wasn’t already) but oh well. Who needs sleep anyways right?

If you haven’t heard yet, Temple Run is the hit sensation for iOS that has been downloaded over 36 million times and has taken the gaming world by storm on mobile devices. With the wide array of Android phones and tablets they took a few months to get everything right, and now it’s finally here and available to all. This simple yet extremely addicting game will consume hours of your day, and I don’t recommend letting your children play it or they’ll want your phone every waking minute.

We’ll be sure to do a full review in due time but for now enjoy a quick hands-on video of Temple Run for Android.

With multiple swipes you control the tomb raider that has stolen a cursed idol from the Temples and have to run from and escape the evil monkeys trying to get it back that are nipping at your heels. This top down 3D scroller-type game is actually loads and loads of fun. It sounds a bit boring but once you start playing you’ll quickly see how addicting it can truly be.

Initial impressions are quite good. I did have a force close trying to go back to the main menu that crashed the game, but this is version 1.0 and we expect they’ll keep it up to date and add more devices to the compatibility list as soon as possible. I’m showing almost all mid-range phones having support from the original Galaxy S to the Nexus One and more. Every tablet I’ve ever owned is supported, all screen sizes so it appears to be a go for most. There was an occasional slowdown but again this is the initial release, and hopefully they’ll iron everything out over the next few weeks.

Finally it is here! Get Temple Run for Android right this minute at the link below and have fun. We’ve warned you twice — it is extremely addicting. Happy running!

Temple Run Google Play Link

  • Angelb41

    Why Is It Saying Its Not Compatible For My Android ?

    • jazz

      cause its not even out yet the first one is just the fake one..tomorrow is the real one..i guess.

      • Guest

        no i am currently playing on my s2 and it works just fine …. donno about others

  • chloe

    Isnt on android market.

    • Laceydenisa11

      Click the link that says “Temple Run Google Play Link” right before it says Story Timeline

    • Search and you’ll find it. Just scroll down, not at top because it’s new.

      Or hit my link at bottom of my post and it’ll take you to the download…

  • Laceydenisa11

    Not compatible with Samsung galaxy precedent and prevail

  • bob

    doesn’t work on my samsung galaxy mini

  • Wow.. Crashes every few tries on Galaxy Nexus and RAZR Maxx. Weak!

    Crashed soo many times I’m already irritated by it. Sadness because it’s so fun

  • Fr34ky

    Not compatible for samsung galaxy ace…in utter shock about this…and your review is rubbish.
    As its not fully researched and factual

  • Guest

    Galaxy SII = No problems and awesome (no force closes yet).

  • Ravekta

    works just awesome on my s2 … just loving it ..

  • Not compatible with my LG Optimus S. No big surprise. It’s a really cruddy phone

  • no…because some phones (like my own) are incompatible. Mine will probably always be because it’s a really low end phone.

  • Anuj

    Works like a charm on my Xperia mini. Can’t put it down 🙂

  • At last! the iPhone (sorry) clan in office have had this for a while now and keep going on about it. It time to show them what a game is like on a real phone and played by really gamer. Peace Mo.

  • Liljon1233410

    in temple run inside objectives they spelled twice wrong 

  • Disgruntled0202020

    =( not avaible for mine either

  • Ossaris Sum

    When i death in the temple run ,i click run again
    hang and close wtf lol

    • Ryan Socio

       same thing happens to me!

  • Dan


  • Inihilator90

    Is it available for HTC? I looked for it but couldn’t find it. I thought I use the Android market place.

    • Fsfsd

      Searh Imangi studios.
      Searching ‘temple run’ it doesnt come up for some reason

    • reply to inihiltalor

      i got HTC works. if still doesnt work then just go on google search and write google play and write on their. then go down the page, as the game is near the bottom.

  • Michaelwaters76

    I have a cricket phone zte score 3.5 in screen size and of course it dosent work, sucks cause ive been waiting to play.

  • Jmartzv

    i have a droid razr and i cant find it!

    • Been reported by multiple Razr and Maxx users of incompatibility.

  • Amandaahern21


  • Click

    Temple Run Google Play link IN this story under the text… Takes you to Web market to download

  • Racedaychamp

    Not available on Droid Razr Maxx…not cool.

  • Cellydot5

    Not compatible with samsung admire )”:

  • Guest

    I have a tablet and i can not find temple run

    • Use the direct link they just provided up there in the article ^^^

  • LuhvvRedd TheeAnnieDoll

    I cant find it on my samsung galaxy epic 4g i looked everywhere on google play

  • Frazier Skyler

    its not compatible with my LG thrive:( please fix? thanx

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  • Getyomekon

    It want work on my htc phone brand new y it dont work for all andriod

  • Fahad_0611

    I can’t download it on my samsung galaxy ace…

  • Temple run is outstanding!

  • guest

    works on samsung galaxy s2 but colors are terrible. its all dark and sensitivity is messed up. hope they come out with a update soon

  • Idk why ppl are so hyped about this game. Played it on an Ipad 2 before but not very impressed. And I hate how these developers ditch Android in the beginning, bring the game in late, in a totally sucky version and expect it to be a hit. This and Instagram or whatever can suck my D.

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  • hi

    I have a Samsung Android Admire.. How do i download it.. It keeps saying its incompatible..
    How can i fix it to download? 

    • Rr Yano

      same with me

    • bebop

      Same for me nd im getting frusterated ):

    • Chris_132216

      Me too!! Ugg love this game,but i cant play it! Please fix it!

    • Angel Hernandez

      Your phone is to slow to play this game sorry.

    • Maybe what the message is saying really is true. Your phone doesn’t support the game.

  • Wayne

    I Have A Samsung Android Admire And I Cant Find Temple Run At All In The App Store . Fix That Please .

  • Steezyritz20

    I have a samsung prevail galaxy when will it be compatible?

  • Chasity503

    me to i have a samsung galaxy prevail boost mobile . is temple run on there ?