Temple Run for Android delayed till March at least

February 25, 2012

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So, Temple Run. Easily one of the most-anticipated Android games in the world right now. Android owners have been waiting patiently (though judging by the comments on our previous stories, not too patiently) for months. And according to the game's official Facebook page, they're going to have to wait a little longer. The deveoper posted that the game is taking longer than expected to complete, though it's still coming along. The post says that it'll give Facebook followers at least a week's notice before the game is released - which means that if the notice came later today, Temple Run still wouldn't be coming until March 3rd. At the absolute earliest.

For the uninitiated, Temple Run is an iOS game by developer Imangi Studios. In a nod to the original Indiana Jones, the player must control an adventurer fleeing from a temple, pursued by hoards of demonic monkeys. Various touch gestures allow you to manipulate your character, jumping, dodging, turning or ducking as necessary. It's a bit like a 3D version of Bit Trip Runner. The developers announced back in November that the game was headed to Android, but as development draws to a close eager fans have been disappointed time and again with vague delays.

Imangi takes care to note that any game pretending to be Temple Run on the Android Market or elsewhere is a fake, until their full app is released. That's not without precedent: like many popular iOS converts, copies and fakes have been appearing in the Market with depressing regularity.  The game is in the final Beta stages and should be wrapping up soon - but not before next Saturday. Keep it civil in the comments section, folks.

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  • Gtfan01

    You gotta be kidding me…

  • Rocknessalex

    The longer they drag the release date, the more i’m uninterested in it already.

    • Sethtonice

      word they are fucking iddiots im about to march down there and show them a peice of my mind. Aree u with mhee on dhiss or not????///?/

  • Trump

    wow its not out in android and it is making noise

  • nigga

    i dnt care anymore

  • catssss

    You’be cat to be kidding me right meow.

  • fucktemplerun

    This is so stupid I hope when this fucking game comes out now one downloads it smh, the more they wait to release it the more people become uninterested, its going to be out by the time everyone is over it. Welp back to angry birds.

    • really.

      Angry birds is garbage. People wont become uninterested vecause there is still a huge market of people who dont have iOS devices, and cant play temple run regularly

      • IHateTempleRun

        Yeah Angry Birds is *ucking boring. I’m getting super uninterested in Temple Run already. Way to lose customers dummies.

  • Werty1902

    Breaking records doubt it this is completely shit now

  • eeehhhhhh

    1 doller to hury up!!

    • Jne606

      Can’t spell dollar apparently?

  • Babyphatgurl_47

    Fuck it , by the time they finish nobody will even care about that damn game . I’ll just play it on my iPod touch , regardless if they ever really release the game or not !

  • Rbeckner99

    How long is it goinh to fn take when the games allready out u just got to put it on a different market

  • Ellie

    By the time it’s ready it’ll be too late it’s going to get old and nobody will want to play.

  • Ali_Thomas

    I think they’re only doing this to have billions of downloads. The game probably been completed they just want to see us upset, angry etc. Oh well I don’t even care anymore..

  • How many?

    Count off of people who are loosing interstate already..

  • Ncatlin97

    if they really cared for the fans and downloads , android would have gotten it first … im not interested as much in temple run anymore . they need to hurry up or else this will end up being a complete waste of everyones time .

  • Gaurang Paranji

    apple is paying them off -.-

  • Jjj

    you guys suck.

  • Kyler

    This is stupid. I most definitely will NOT. be downloading Temple Run when it comes to the Android Platform. FU–. IT.

  • Claytonb22

    We’ve been waiting so effing long you pieces of crap F you and F temple run you people are pissingme the fu** off!!!!! Fu skalfbzlsvzlcbdj gahh!!!!! COME OUT WITH IT ALREADY

  • Claytonb22

    Ok so i was a “little” rough on that last comment and i am not effing sorry for it. You guys are freaking pussies for not putting it on the market. If Apple really is paying you guys then screw you people. Are you really that Fu***** poor that you have to be apple’s bi*** and listen to everything they say just because they have money and you don’t you poor pieces of crap. Nobody likes days so come out with the dang thing already. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ANDROID COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • …….

      Go get a life fag
      It’s a free game..

      • Claytonb22

        Go die in a hole gaywod… you were an accident

    • ClaytonSucksDick

       LOL calling us pussies? your too fucking afraid to curse

      • Claytonb22

        Hey retard I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to the dumb shits who keep delaying temple run

  • Claytonb22

    Sorry about that android community I’m just a bit pissed off right now

  • still gonna download

     You know your all still gonna download it im just ready to have it on my freakin phone

  • Moira

    God i’ve been waiting for this game for ever what happened to febuary 9th but now it has to come out a month later


    its completely usless nobodys gonna be interested in temple run after march

    • ur stupid

      nice name..haha ur on an android site and thats ur name…

      • youJUSTgotTROLLED

        haha nice name…ur stupid and thats ur name ..

  • John Carr7197

    what the fuck… fuck the apple suckers… they just dont want to loose a couple or apple users

  • Asmetote

    Im sick of the game now. Its been way to fuckn long, GO APPLE FUCK ANDRIOD

  • Zoria

    Im so ready to have it on my phone ughh

  • Kaykay954

    When in. March

  • taylor

    no one is going to care anymore, this games old..

  • angry customers

    yall put way to much hype on this game talkin about its coming out on android and it still hasnt come i dont even want it any more me or any other of my friends 

    i know damn well it shouldnt take as long as yall or making it

  • Laurenm3900

    Really? I Heard It Was Coming Feb 9.. Then The 12.. Then The 21st.. Then The 26 .. Then.. Anyday In February..! Make Up Your Minds.. And When You Do.. Let Us Know! Im Getting impatient And I Bareley Even Want The Game Anymore..

  • NoTRForAndroid

    I doubt that anybody really cares about it anymore. The wait has just made the game seem stale now…

  • Bspiker99

    I really want this to be posted for the android. It will make so many more people happy

  • Bleh

    I really want the game, but I’m sick if waiting. Thinking bout buying an iPod touch. Could use for music, and games. That’s why I bought this phone, but now I’m kinda regretting it if all the good things are on iOS. Shoulda got an iPhone.

  • Memekisssme

    This is crap

  • Ralphie

    After waiting this long, what’s the point of still having this game? I really don’t want this game anymore.

  • Uyiogieriakhi

    This is bullshit

  • Mmalakai1

    well what a buzz kill for the last days of february. i was so excited for the realease of this game on the android platform. if apple is paying them to hold it exclusive to the ios so be it. developers will sell there soul for a small bit of cash.shame… smh… i dont think that this game will get the users it would have if this game had been released in a reasonable time frame. i just hate the fact that alot of developers favor ios instead of bringing there app to both platforms with all the same content. ios developers dont care about android users so i stop supporting them, by not downloading or buy there app. the true android developers and one that dont discriminate  on both platforms is the ones that i will support.

  • Sk8tr_dude86

    I love how everyone is bitching sooo much. Chill the fuck out, its a fucking videogame. I’m sure everyone will still download it. All your bitching and moaning isn’t going to accomplish jack shit.

  • Wyattblevins


  • Jne606@aol.com

    I got an app from imagi studios and its called temple run I press play and it say it will come out in two days and its for Android

  • People need to realize that programming for iOS (iphone) is different than for Android. Also, with Android, you have different hardware configurations, so I’m sure they’re trying to make it work for as many Droids as possible. Different hardware configurations can make things more difficult for the programmers.

    I for one will be patient. No need to get testy, people. 

  • Justm3

    Wow come on calm down it is not like you are going to die without the game and you guys don’t know how long it takes to make a game lke this even I don’t know, but I do know it takes a long time.

  • H.B.K

    Uggh I waited for this game to come out and all I can say forget about it because all this is doing is raising people hopes up and dropping them down hard and disappointing everyone

  • Gunda

    Ok, I was reading all these comments. I agree that making this game needs a long time and you should respect Imangi for making it for android and be thankful. But you all are swearing about it and being angry. I don’t understand it. And after all, it’s just a game. No need to be so stressed. So I’ll be different and say – thank you for making this game available on androids, I’m happy about that and I can wait a few weeks. P.S. Sorry about my bad English

  • Si

    Man, there are some sad, sad people out there…

  • Melibatista29

    Major dislikin how we have to wait for this game , its not even worth it anymore >.<

  • Deathkn3ll

    yeah i think they’re just raising people’s hope.pls. be consisitent in posting the release date so that there will be no doubts if it will be release in android or not? Cause i downloaded the fan app in my samsung it appeared yeah that there is a count down but when that day comes? i am disappointed because i updated again and then still the same days/hours/time for the countdown..Be true with your anouncements 

  • Deathkn3ll

    yeah i think they’re just raising people’s hope.pls. be consisitent in posting the release date so that there will be no doubts if it will be release in android or not? Cause i downloaded the fan app in my samsung it appeared yeah that there is a count down but when that day comes? i am disappointed because i updated again and then still the same days/hours/time for the countdown..Be true with your anouncements 

  • Deathkn3ll

    YOUR GOALS MUST BE S.M.A.R.T-Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Trackable to a Timetable.

  • Deathkn3ll

    YOUR GOALS MUST BE S.M.A.R.T-Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Trackable to a Timetable.

  • kim

    Please make it sure that the game is wort waiting,i almost want to buy iphone just to play it but android phones are cool so please dont delay the game longer

  • Gabbie

    Deathkn3ll, the fan app you have downloaded has nothing to do with imangi (the makers of temple run). It is some 3rd party doing the countdown based on what they think.
    Its only a game people!

  • minesh

    i really dont see how temple run is any good or how people find it addictive.. personally, i dont care whether it comes to android but imagi have let down their fans on android

    • eric

      shut yo bitch ass uhp if thatd the case get the fuck off the temple run website then bitch

  • Wcampbell054

    I cant wait till temple run comes out its soo good but it better hurry up

  • Jim

    They need to stop getting us excited for no reason…when they made it for the iphone they should’ve started making it for android too. This is rediculous we’ve been waiting way too long. HURRY

  • Somoyaf

    yalllll are full of shitt.!!!!!

  • Brittanu

    WTF how is it taking so long to get on android put not long for iphone yalll are full of shit kiss my aSS
    #sincerly a very pissed of android user :/

  • Skatta93direct

    Why in the wield is it taking sooooooo long this game is about 6 months overdue!!!!!!!

  • Sameersomu1807

    Been waiting since January! My only option is to play it on my ipadv

  • Daniloatayde

    i will be patiently waiting till it comes,, JOKE!!! hey! come on, it’s been a month :3
    can’t wait to have temple rum on my android!

  • CallMeTatyy

    nobody is going to want this game anymore ;; yall are taking way too long !

  • Tj

    This Game is Bull SHit GOt Mee Waiting For nothingg imm Not Playing Thiss Gamee Fuckk it 

  • Tinyflip1

    mann i agree. i waited so excitedly and patiently for februaury now is DELAYED seriously. you guys must’ve have been doing test. just tell them whats going on and everyone can be satisfied




    screw android YOU SUCK

  • QuAgMiRe

    Imangi loses major respect once again….

  • wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Siggf

    Everybody cursing and gettimg mad for no reason. Its a game you people try developing a phone game lets see how fast you make it. I would rather wait for it and get it with no bugs then get it with constant updates

  • Guest

    Seriously?! People around me have already lost their interest in this game. No one is going to play even if the game releases now.

    Very sad :(:(

  • androidsucks

    Im not gonna play the damn game if it comes nonbody has interest in it stupid assholes saying they gonna release it 

  • androidsucks


  • Lilly Ann LaPiedra

    This is getting really aggervating. They keep postponing the day! By the time it comes out nobody will be interested in the game.

  • annoying me

     OK. honestly every single person that has commented is right. we’ve been waiting for MONTHS. by the time this game even comes out, there’s going to be a new top game for iPhones and no one will want temple run. its better to at least give us an accurate date rather than giving us a bunch of delayed dates. its pissing off a lot of people and its definitely not professional of you guys. yeah, we get it your trying your best but don’t get everyone’s hopes up for nothing. I downloaded the temple run countdown only to find it the next morning, delayed again.. i’ve been annoyed by all this and at this point, i don’t give two shits about temple run anymore and  could care less about waiting for it to come. You’ve let all your android owning customers down. t-_-t

    • Deziree_rab

      cum on bring da game oun stop bsjng driod is a better proyduct that iphoyne any wat u can t download files o it .it is just a name apple i rather eat an apple than too buy apple phobes

  • Pissedoffplayer

    im really addicted to the game right now! because i have no itouch/ipad/iphone to play on, i’m pissed off that the game keeps getting postponed. its pretty much the best free game out there. i understand that they need to make the game perfect for android users, but i don’t see how they need to keep pushing back the day they plan to release it.

    • blah

      if you have no apple products, how can you be addicted?

      • Pissedoffplayer

         i play it on my friends stuff when we hang

    • Turkey Mama

       I agree with you. The game does need to be perfected but their loosing a large amount of downloads with postponing the date of release.

      • Pissedoffplayer

        Man, you stole my name! >:O

  • Brandon Moss70

    Fuck Steve Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    So many people raging about ios vs android. They think apple is better becausr they have a few apps
    While this is true, apple is extremely limiting in what the phone can do i.e.you cannot download files straight from the internet onto your iphone like you can on a droid. Android is definiteky superior even without a few apps (which really arent even that great)

  • superspeller

    I can wait a little longer i guess:/

    • Konunaku

      you have no other choice unless you switch to the iphone or get an ipod

  • My Friends Gonna Be There (:

    So wait, hold up. I want that TEMPLE. WHEA IT IS

  • Lawrence

    wow b the time u get the game out there another game going to get hot so y u faken on put n it out?? Real talk

  • Trump

    yayah laycool real talk

  • Jesse


  • matthew

    temple run needs to come on and qiut making facke temple runa and i hope soooooooooooooooooooooooon

  • Moira Mozo

    today is march 3rd it might be coming out

  • Awgjydiuaw
  • Natt

    Come on you guys stop all your cursing and just be patent I’ll rather get it late then have thw game and constant update and a bunch of bugs AND ANDROID RULES SO BACK OFF HATERS

  • Duaa Naely

    i saw the game on android but it let me play i put gun again and it says wait you have to wait 2 days 7 hours 23 min. and 15 sec for the levels i dont no wat it means by levels but im petty sure its it because it said run again

  • Duaa Naely

    i mean run again lol

  • Dryl04

    Booooooo.. ur all lier….. ur just frustrating us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ambuhh!

    I dont know about you guys, but I just want an honest release date..even if it is like 5 months from now…

  • REallyfale

    I seriously don’t get why people would switch to iPhone (downgrade) just for a damn app.
    You can either wait few days (or weeks) or just waste 200 bucks for just an app. Think about it. Common freaking sense lol.

  • Rondale015

     we need exact date when they will release.

  • yeahhhh

    march 3rd is my birthday loll

  • Mikki

    ok…so…today is march the 4th…so were the heck is it?!?! this is makeing everybody mad! i could have just gotten an iphone and had temple run plus a bunch of other apps! ya shure i appreshiate my mom 4 gettinh me an awsome touchscreen phone with a slideout keybord…but y is it that there arnt any “good” apps in the market?
    im just saying:)

  • Patrick Thomason

    Good things are worth waiting for. That’s all that needs to be said.

  • Broncos31

    Temple run i cant wait man im trippen I’ve been trippen for months now cant wait till it comes out ill be one of the first to get it have a droid razr max and i got the battery power for it man come on temple run president release it my wed. March 7th come on be counti g down everyday tick tock tick tock

  • Abc

    we want temple run! 

  • Harryandriopoulos97

    its march now where can i get it

  • Uaungzayya


  • Kphawkins98

    where is ittttttt

  • Stefongrey

    TThe countdown started over and they took temple run off the market till next week Monday

  • Charlie_sanchez

    watch when they realese this on andriod it not going to be addictive no more

  • Richardsjack140

    People who are patient will be awarded in the end.

  • Bob

    Old news had it months ago haaaaaaa

  • RICHard

    imma bet dat all you ugly fat asses wish you culd aford aple products.
    BITCHES! >:D

    • Alberto

      apple products are not the most expensive products in the world! MOTHERFUCKER, if we have an android product it’s not because we can’t afford an apple product, it’s because apple sucks!, as simple as that. I bet you have a little fuckin ipod touch which is not more expensive than $400.. or let me guess mmm a Iphone 4 or 4s that its not more expensive than $400 too. OHH and i bet that you have an 8GB model of any of these. So dont fuckin open your mouth.

      • Dustinbeaudet14

        Haha you da best XD

    • Alberto

      OHH and i forgot, Why are you on this site? if you have an apple product where you can play temple run on. ur stupid dude!

  • Joshuabennett759

    some people is so disrespectful

  • theredapple

    Guys just stop cursing there trying there best to get it ready

  • krunal

    Tomarrow lunching tempal run game for android ………

  • Alex

    why i cant in my play store?

  • alex

    Why dont have in my play store? T>T