So, Temple Run. Easily one of the most-anticipated Android games in the world right now. Android owners have been waiting patiently (though judging by the comments on our previous stories, not too patiently) for months. And according to the game’s official Facebook page, they’re going to have to wait a little longer. The deveoper posted that the game is taking longer than expected to complete, though it’s still coming along. The post says that it’ll give Facebook followers at least a week’s notice before the game is released – which means that if the notice came later today, Temple Run still wouldn’t be coming until March 3rd. At the absolute earliest.

For the uninitiated, Temple Run is an iOS game by developer Imangi Studios. In a nod to the original Indiana Jones, the player must control an adventurer fleeing from a temple, pursued by hoards of demonic monkeys. Various touch gestures allow you to manipulate your character, jumping, dodging, turning or ducking as necessary. It’s a bit like a 3D version of Bit Trip Runner. The developers announced back in November that the game was headed to Android, but as development draws to a close eager fans have been disappointed time and again with vague delays.

Imangi takes care to note that any game pretending to be Temple Run on the Android Market or elsewhere is a fake, until their full app is released. That’s not without precedent: like many popular iOS converts, copies and fakes have been appearing in the Market with depressing regularity.  The game is in the final Beta stages and should be wrapping up soon – but not before next Saturday. Keep it civil in the comments section, folks.