This morning T-Mobile has updated their support pages with another update to one of their most popular phones. After the Amaze 4G update was tipped this morning we are now seeing an update rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile. Sadly we have some bad news though. The update is only an incremental update and is still Android 2.3 Gingerbread — no Ice Cream Sandwich just yet.

Like most small updates this is mainly fixing a few bugs, improving performance, and various other fixes. The Galaxy S II update is about 32MB in size and rolling to handsets now. As usual you can manually pull the update from menu > settings > software update and give it a go today. T-Mobile does list the update as rolling out until late June. Does this mean the ICS update will be after that date? If so users have another month or so of waiting.

No US carrier Galaxy S II’s have officially been updated just yet to ICS, but hopefully they are coming soon. Other than fixing a few random reboot problems, improving stability, and adding some of Google’s security fixes this update is pretty minor and probably also laying some ground work for the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update that Samsung has confirmed is on the way. Let us know how the update goes by dropping us a comment below.

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  • AlexJanicki

    That’s not how you check for a manual update on the T-Mobile SGII. 

    Settings > Software update

    • Psyspyder

      Nope, wasn’t available over the air.  Had to use the USB version of Kies that you get from the Samsung website . . .

  • Premkkumaar

    Haven’t got any update so far

  • Premkkumaar

    Just to update that i got the update when i connected the phone to Kies. Surprise that it was not showing when i tried to check over the air.. Connect your phone to Kies and that should update your phone

    • Edgar_01m

      mine doesn’t do nothing :/ i tried connecting it via USB and wireless but nothing comes up about any update.. 

  • leo

    I got it cool

  • All this update did was change three things. The call icon, the lock screen and the answering options when people call. I am so upset, when i seen the update i thought it was Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 :(. I am so done with Samsung. I am hoping my phone break so i can get the Galaxy Nexus. FYI the update is through Kies it will not do it Over The Air. 

    • Jdawg101446

      I received mine at 1 am via OTA t-mobile

    • Jason

      The Galaxy Nexus is a Samsung phone and it is not Samsung’s fault. It is the carriers.

  • Xpsychojx

    Samsung kicking ass in other countries besides the US step it up please!!!
    no major upgrade was hoping for 4.0 fail
    i do like the Samsung Kies feature of upgrading compared to Motorolas

  • Edgar_01m

    how do i download it off kiss??? my phone connects but does not say anything about an update…. help :/

    • Edgar_01m


  • Mike Calvert

    I hoped that it was ICS, but…
    Still no ICS and still no way to get rid of some unwanted apps without rooting the GSII. T-Mobile is not impressing me.

  • Inbred Stepchild

    My phone said it was going to update it was plugged in already so I said yes and went back to sleep. It seems a little smoother but the only thing I noticed so far is the lock screen works different. Instead of the wallpaper shifting to unlock the screen a small lock with two circles appears wherever you put your finger drag any direction and it unlocks. Whatever, it looks a little cooler I guess.

  • Lizz

    ok so i had my galaxy updated too n it does look cooler a little because of the lock screen and how to answer call n messages. but i di d notice that the wallpaper is no longer landscape where u can slide and see the photo or wall paer from end to end. Now its just a rectangle like the lock screen, That sucks bebcause it was a nice effect wen it would slide so smoothly.

    • Falcon1X

      Omg i know i waz so pissed when I saw how my phones back ground and screen lock had changed I waz like wtf iz this?? I’m really not pleased with the results this update is terrible Idk what tha hell Samsung iz doing but they need to change it back!, it’s all bad