Sony isn’t content to put Android in your pocket with its new Xperia ion and Xperia S phones; it also wants to put the Google OS on your wrist with the new Xperia SmartWatch. Packing a compact multitouch color OLED display, the SmartWatch hooks up to your smartphone via Bluetooth 3.0 and can show incoming call details, Facebook and Twitter updates, messages, calendar alerts and more.

Sony Xperia SmartWatch:

Battery life is said to be between a day and a week, depend on how heavy your usage is. Control is via various gestures and swipes, and thanks to the watch being Android-based this time – unlike its LiveView predecessor – there should be more flexibility as to what functionality can be added along the line.

Sony expects the SmartWatch to go on sale near the end of Q1, priced at $149.99. It should work with non-Sony/Sony Ericsson devices too, and comes bundled with a clip and a wrist-strap for a choice of how you wear it.

More details in our Xperia SmartWatch hands-on at SlashGear.

  • It looks like watches are not just for telling time anymore, just like phones aren’t just for talking lol.  I think this is a great idea from Sony, for people who buy the phones, they also have a cool accessory to go along with it, which looks pretty cool.  Although based on the costs I am not sure if many people will want to spend the money on the phone and the watch, knowing Sony, I don’t expect either one to be cheap.

  • just curious – what Android version is it using?

    • Enflu3nza

      Honeycomb 😛

      (but seriously i think its probably froyo/gingerbread.)

  • Richigan1

    as it is called music??

  • Looks cool,.. but don’t have their own identity anymore, just another copycat from apple 🙁

    • mostlyconcept

      This isn’t close to any apple product, completely different actually, just saying…

  • Anonymous

    This is stupid. If I’m going to take my hand out of my pocket to see what’s on my phone, why not just take my phone out of my pocket?

    • Kane337

      A lot of women put their phones inside their handbag. If the phone is on vibrate they may miss a call or message. The could get notified by the watch. 

  • Me

    Pretty kewl