Sony shows off ICS for the Xperia S on video

May 28, 2012

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If you're a Sony Xperia S owner, no doubt you're getting mighty impatient for a long-overdue Ice Cream Sandwich update. Today you can get a little bit of a preview, thanks to a Thai video from Sony XP. The update is scheduled to land on the international phone in June, though it'll retain much of the same custom interface that's on the Gingerbread ROM at the moment.

There's nothing all that surprising in the video - the UI is a little faster, and has been given a few subtle alterations (like a hand-me-down prom dress). In addition to changes to the proprietary launcher app, the music player has been renamed "Walkman", ostensibly to help promote Sony's own line of iconic portable music devices. You can see the rest of the visual touches in the video below.

[youtube BEKf-egSEnQ]

Sony has gone on the record stating that the Xperia S will get an Android 4.0 update in June, though a precise date still eludes us. They could use the positive publicity too - plenty of Xperia PLAY owners aren't happy that they've been arbitrarily left in the dust. Meanwhile, the Xperia Ion (AT&T's rebranded version of the Xperia S) is nowhere to be seen, almost six months after its debut at CES 2012. Hey Sony, what gives?

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  • Dave

    Good to see Sony have deleted the one peice of good publicity out there about this phone. I’m getting sick of waiting for them to get their ass in gear and provide promised features once I’ve handed over my hard earned to them.