Sony Ericsson: Walkman Android Tablet/MP3 Player?

June 1, 2010

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Sony might have a few extra plans for Android up their sleeve. They could have a new Walkman in the making that will powered by Android. There also could be a Sony CyberShot Android based Camera in the making as well. According to the rumors, Sony plans to make an official announcement introducing these products next month.

Rumored Specs:

* Display 2.6 "TFT touchscreen display
* 5.1 megapixel camera, but without LED-flash.
* Bluetooth
* 3G
* 600MHz processor

There is currently no solid information on the camera but the tablet is said to be running Android and look similar to the X10 Mini. The version of Android that is preinstalled is currently unknown as well, we’re hoping for 2.1 at the minimum. Could Android revitalize the once popular Walkman line? I think so and we’ll find out if this is true very soon.


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  • Anonymous

    I had the same type of experience. I purchased the same model and had it working immediately. I can not ever imagine going back to a laptop. I particularly liked your observation that we need to conform to the laptop while the iPad follows our posture – it is so intuitive. Great comments! Thanks

  • is this like htc. very similar I think

  • mine is also sony ericsson i like it

  • mine is also sony ericsson i like it

  • Sony ericsson is an awesome brand…i love it!!!!

    Sony BDP-N460

  • ANDROID is poplular now.IOS is too dear for me.

  • ANDROID is poplular now.IOS is too dear for me.

  • looks great

  • Anonymous

    Android Tablet I think it’s funny better than ipad Do you think so??