Sony Ericsson Arc System Dump in the Wild

March 3, 2011

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For those of you that love Sony Ericsson and may have a x10, or any of their other Android phones. This might have some juicy stuff for you to use and enjoy. The amazing dev's over at XDA-Developers have pulled a system dump of the Xperia Arc. Things of this nature usually contain all the files you would typically want, and now you can get them and enjoy it on your other Sony Ericsson phone.

Usually the goodies from a system dump include some of the following: ringtones, sounds, wallpapers, apps, home launcher if not stock, widgets, and more. It looks like people have already begun to use the Sony Ericsson Launcher, and many of the cool widgets, such as the scrollable image gallery widget. Check out the source link below to get your taste of the system dumb from the Gingerbread powered Xperia Arc. While your here you can also read about the Xperia X10 gets Gingerbread courtesy of the Arc.

[via XDA Forums]

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  • Motorola Droid X (OS Android 2.3.3 / GingerBread) versus Sony Ericsson Arc. (OS Android 2.3.2 / GingerBread) fight for Benchmark (Quadrant Standard). Motorola Droid X have score 1667 and Sony Ericsson Arc just have score 1406. Follow this link to see photo of prove => (Right Hand “Sony Ericsson Arc” and Left Hand “Motorola Droid X”). More close up photo => (Right Hand “Sony Ericsson Arc” and Left Hand “Motorola Droid X”). Note: Motorola Droid X still original (not Overclock).