Samsung starts Galaxy Note 10.1 Jelly Bean updates in Germany

November 8, 2012

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Samsung is beginning to roll out a Jelly Bean update to Note 10.1 tablets. The updates are beginning in Germany starting today. A report from SamMobile says that the over-the-air update is rolling out gradually to German owners of the device, so if you are in Germany, you may not see the update just yet. Be patient.

The update comes in at around 300MB, so if you own are in Germany, expect the download to take a little bit. Once the upgrade is complete, devices should be running software version N8000XXBLJ9. It's only been a few short months since the device hit the market toting Ice Cream Sandwich, and it's good to see Samsung turning around an update quickly, even if it's just in Germany for now.

The update will add some awesome features for owners of the Galaxy Note 10.1. Probably the most notable of these is Project Butter, which greatly improves responsiveness of the device. The update also adds the new Google Search App and access to Google Now, which helps personalize the device and make it your own.

As of this writing, there is no word on whether other territories are receiving the update. Hopefully Samsung rolls out the update to the rest of the world sooner rather than later. If you are outside of Germany, and are seeing the update notification on your device, hit the comments section below and let us know.

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[via SamMobile]

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  • Stocklone

    I already love my Note 10.1. Can’t imagine how amazing this update is going to make it.

  • Lime Iced Tea (sour sour)

    Just got a Note 10.1 yesterday, typing on it now. It was an upgrade from a year old Galaxy 8.9. Absolutely in love with it, though I’ve got a lot to learn in terms of how to optimally utilize the stylus. Hope they roll out Jelly Bean for the Thai version! 🙂 Yay Samsung. 😀

  • Corspeech

    I just got my galaxy note this and have seen the video for the Premier Suite. When can we expect the upgrade in the USA?