Samsung’s Galaxy Note is an awesome phablet for those that have accepted its size and use it daily. While still running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread here with the AT&T Galaxy Note Samsung is getting ready to release Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and their new “premium suite apps” for the device. The latest ICS leak didn’t include the new apps, but today we are getting a closer look thanks to Samsung Mobile.

A very similar video was leaked back in March from Samsung but wasn’t quite the same and has since been made private by Samsung Mobile. Today’s video however, shows us everything we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note with Android 4.0 ICS. From the new premium apps suite, to Angry Birds Space and more. The music is catchy and it reminds me of The Sims but check it out all you noteworthy users.

Earlier this month the AT&T Galaxy Note ICS build was leaked, and you can see our hands-on here. Sadly it didn’t come with the latest premium suite apps shown from the video above. Judging from the rest of the update I expect the official release to be quite impressive. Being able to edit and upload PDF’s, make detailed and clean looking graphs and circles with their automated tools and more are all awesome additions to the Galaxy Note and its S-Pen.

According to the latest reports from Samsung we are still expecting the Android 4.0 ICS update to arrive in Q2 with the new S-Pen “Premium Suite” and more, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. The fact that they’ve finally released this teaser video is a sign that things are coming along. We can probably expect the update to arrive shortly, and will update as soon as we see or hear details. Who’s excited for the new S-Pen apps?

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  • 8ootneck

    awesome phone and will give the galaxy 3 a run for its money…

  • Gareth Owen

    More bloatware? No thanks.
    I bought the Note on release with the promise of ICS – no show. By the end of Q2 I’ll have a new phone and there’s a 99% chance it’ll never be a Samsung… ever again.

    • basil71

      I did the same and i feel the same. I’m thinking i should of got the galaxy nexus. But samsung fucked that up as well. No expandable memory, mediocre camera. Hopefully motorola will get there act together and make the next nexus. No conflicting interests.

  • Lex

    Anyone know the soundtrack name for this promotional video? I kinda like it. Soundhound return nothing

    •  May be Shazam knows.

    • Em

      Did you find out what the music is called? I like it also.

  • Adamthomasking

    After reading a considerable number of pages regarding te ics upgrade, I feel the masses are getting quite upset about the delay, firstly i would like to say I agree, Samsung should not give an unattainable release date, however, i bought the note because of the features it had when i purchased it and I wouldnt change my choice ever, for me this is the best device i have ever had the l pleasure of hold im not a Samsung fanboy nor an iphone hater. And in my honest oppinion the spen is borderline useless to me but a nice little toy. I dont really follow why there is so much fustration surrounding the delay, my note works perfectly well on the current os and may be better with ics however im more than happy to wait until it is ready for my device, rather that than have an os that doesnt work properly


    I have ics on my galaxy note. Why is it that a couple of guys can hack a device and create custom roms with nothing more than a couple of laptops in their moms basement over the weekend, an yet it take a worldwide multi-billion dollar company (samsung) damn near a year to do the same.

    • kronoscornelius

      Simple.  The guys in the basement just do the software part (put ICS in the phone) Samsung has to focus-group features, add something on top of ICS otherwise it would be just another Nexus phone, and then write the test code (tests take as much time as the actual code) to make sure the experience is reliable for multiple use cases and even some unexpected uses.  Finally, Samsung has to keep track of all the changes, UML diagrams, meeting, reports etc. So there is institutional memory of the changes.  We don’t want the new guy to have to go through 30,000 lines of code to know what we are up to. 

      In short, the guys in the basement have a nice prototype going, and you can play with it if you want on your own risk (you brick it you fix it). Samsung on the other side bets its profits on the update.  The Galaxy Note likely also plays into a much bigger strategy and that has to be added to the mix (Samsung Cloud may be ?)

      It is like comparing your proof-of-concept hydrogen generation toy with a bottle of water and an battery versus build the hydrogen economy… things get complex fast.

      Once you get involve in your own engineering project to be use by a lay audience you’ll understand.

      In the mean time, it was a great idea to ask.

  • denny power

     be WARNED my note and several others have been BRICKED and i mean
    TOTALLY bricked by using ICS STUNNER by NEOBUDDY(xda forum) we need new
    motherboards and samsung are gonna charge, jtag not fixing this, when
    complaining to XDA .thread was rapidly “cleaned” and warnings were
    issued, XDA are covering this up , in other words , your on your own
    …my advice ..if your gonna flash a rom ..stick to gb rom like checkrom
    or litening rom or just wait for ICS to come out, hope this helps
    someone, we have had to learn an expensive lesson

  • Aditya

    I upgraded my Samsung galaxy note to ice cream sandwich. The device became more fast than before but I did not get the premium suite.