If a recent filing made by Samsung holds any water, the Korean tech giant may be looking to mimic Apple in more ways than one. The filing, which was made with the USPTO, notes Samsung would like to trademark “Samsung Protection Plus”, with the scope of the program painting a broad stroke.

Said to be for “providing extended warranties on consumer electronic products and consumer appliances”, the warranty plan offers little distinction for a company with such a wide array of products. The current status quo for products is a one year warranty, though Samsung does offer an extended warranty on some products.

While it sounds a bit far-fetched, it may not be. Samsung already has an entry into the retail market, so it wouldn’t be hard for them to offer an Apple-esque experience. Bring your device to a Samsung Experience Shop, and you’ll be walked through a fix or offered a new device. That’s how Apple does it, and it’s easily the best method for consumers to get a grasp on.

Nothing confirmed yet, so we’ll patiently wait for more news, but this is interesting when you consider the sheer volume Samsung does. Coupled with a dizzying array of products, we’ll be interested to see just how Samsung implements such a program.

  • Beige

    “mimic Apple” why do you have to call out Apple into this?

    Apple did not start everything. Yes, I understand Samsung did many stuffs after Apple did but that does not mean Apple was the first either. In fact, first MP3 player was made by S.Korean company Saehan and then Samsung and many other S.Korean companies followed, which was very popular in Asia. And all the sudden Apple built iPod and by giving a touch control they announce it as they invented the MP3 player. Same goes for the Smartphone, Samsung had the old windows OS phone called Omnia because it was the only OS to support that kind of smartphone at that time, then Apple came up with iOS/iPhone. And Google followed with Android so Samsung jumped to Android smartphone and people call it a copycat. WHAT?!?!?! Apple made the iPad, then Samsung did also. Samsung made smaller size tablet, Apple followed later. Apple’s touch ID? It was already used by Pantec, S.Korean company, a way before few years ago. If next iPhone comes out with 5 inch screen then it is copying Samsung, LG, Motorola, LG, Nokia, etc? or did they invent the bigger screen? Someone invented round wheels, and four wheeled cars. It makes sense and people liked it that’s why we have them. Who’s copying what? To me it just looks like a competition.

    • zoppp

      Finally, a sensible person

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