Every once in a while there’s a day when a device you’ve been waiting for for what seems like an eternity (since the last Nexus device came out, even,) where you get a dash of sand in the face. Today is that day, and it’s happening twice. It’s as if Samsung is saying – look, not only do we have this ultimately awesome device coming out, we’re going to confirm that fact two times today, both times in completely separate manners and both times without so much as a peep as to what this device’s specifications are really going to be. Harsh!

The first appearance of the Nexus Prime today has been a Wi-Fi certification note. While I suppose this does actually give a “peep” as to what this device’s connectivity over Wi-Fi is going to be, every device under the sun essentially has 802.11 a/b/g/n these days. Instead the treat here is the fact that the device (Samsung GT-I9250) is indeed inching nearer and nearer a real life release. You know a device is going to be a big deal when seeing it appear on the Wi-Fi certification page is worth a news bit!

The next appearance comes in the form of an easily faked cease and desist letter apparently handed over to the folks at GEEK – or at least handed over to them by an anonymous source perhaps. This letter appears very much to confirm the existence of the so-called Nexus Prime by calling out the recipient as having illegal possession of data files (in this case the firmware) directly relating to the smartphone in question. Of course, once again, this could very easily have been typed up by any schmo on the street just as easily as it could have been typed up by Samsung, but we can dream, can’t we?

Click thumbnail for full view of supposed letter:

Is this only the latest in a long line of Ice Cream Sandwich-toting Nexus Prime teasers leaving us wishing for more? Yes, yes indeed.

[via Ubergizmo]

  • Can I have this phone on Verizon or what?!

    • Anonymous

      no you cant, verizon is slowly becoming iphone friendly.

    • Anonymous

      no you cant, verizon is slowly becoming iphone friendly.

      • NOOOOOOOO!!!! Say it ain’t so!

      • Anonymous

        Ur all wrong. Verizon exclusive.

        Except for Jason…

      • Blkknights96

        its going to be on all the 4 major carriers verizon, sprint, tmobile and att

      • Anonymous

        I hope you’re wrong. If true, i think they’re backing the wrong horse.

  • I hope it’s going to Sprint… 😉

  • Anonymous

    they better stick to t-mobile..

  • Hot garbage box

    Comin to Verizon, so pumped bout this phone!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Me too… My TMO contract is up in December… a solid two months after the release on VZW – just enough time for the price to drop by $100.

  • Aren’t the Nexus Phone’s always released to each carrier?  If not I’ll arm wrestle you for AT&T carrier support

  • duh

    i always thought that the reason it is going to be called nexus prime is if was going to be made by lg…. isnt it?

  • Dsp1 Ca

    This phone is garbage. It’s only a 5mp camera plus it’s too thick. Galaxy S2 is way better

    • Anonymous

      Except that… “The Google Nexus Prime has been called an “absolute beast” among smartphones and there is a very good reason. The smartphone will boast a dual-core Snapdragon processor that will include Krait chips from Qualcomm, and a 1GB RAM.It is not yet known if the processor will be of either 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz. The Krait-based Snapdragon processor will have the ability to run at a lightning speed of 2.5 GHz per core at the least, which will make it more than 100 times faster than a normal ARM-based CPU.”
      Also, there are no Galaxy S II’s with LTE radios… Even IF the Galaxy S II’s specs were better (which I don’t think they are,) the fact that you have to choose between HSPA+ or WiMax automatically makes it a non-starter for me.
      SRC: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/209175/20110906/samsung-galaxy-s2-epic-4g-touch-contenders-google-nexus-prime-motorola-droid-bionic-motorola-photon.htm

  • Cannot wait for this phone. After having the G1 and Nexus One myself and just using the bloatware loaded phones, I can’t settle for a none Nexus line phone. Only phone to really make me want to upgrade so far from when buying the Nexus One is the Sensation 4G but still waiting for this.http://n0whereelse.blogspot.com/2011/09/samsung-nexus-prime-this-is-next-google.html