Just like most the other Galaxy S offerings from Samsung in the U.S. lately, Samsung Italy will also be getting Android 2.2.1 on all the devices. Today on Samsung’s facebook page they have published a little update about both the Galaxy S Italy, and the Wave with the Samsung Bada OS.

According to Samsung. The Galaxy S line will be updated to Android 2.2.1 by March 10th. Same goes for the Bada OS. It will be getting a firmware upgrade to v1.2 at the same time frame. If you’re a fan of Samsung I might as well link you to the beautiful Galaxy S II Hands-On while you are here so you can start to feel the itch to upgrade just like I am.

As usual, the upgrade will most likely be available with Kies.

[via Samsung Hub]

  • Mc_andy_69

    I feel robbed paid all this money for a wave!! I was expecting big things from the bada os only to be left extreamli dissapointed they should offer the choice ov downloading the android os!!!! Im sure im not the only wave owner to feel like this:(