Now that Samsung has basically confirmed the Galaxy S III will not be revealed at this years Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain we can’t help but wonder when we’ll see more. With a few random leaks and the GT-9300 appearing on Samsung’s download center we now have another leak suggesting something totally different — or that the Galaxy S III could be a disappointment.

Now here is where things get interesting about this UAProf (User Agent Profile) that was pulled right from Samsung’s mobile site. They have the GT-i9300 listed with a 1024 x 600 resolution display. Something more in line with a lower resolution 7″ tablet — not a smartphone. The GT-i9200 was the Galaxy S II, the i9250 was the Galaxy Nexus. You’d only expect the GT-i9300 to be the Galaxy S III.

I have a feeling this is only a placeholder and not the real deal. If the Galaxy S III came with that low of a resolution there would be more than a few angry people. Considering the Galaxy Nexus has a huge 1280 x 720 HD resolution, and the Galaxy Note being 1280 x 800. We are expecting the same or more from the SGSIII. Another possibility is this will be some other smartphone and not the Galaxy S III. We’ve also seen leaked pictures of the suspected SGSIII listed as the GT-i9500.

We still expect some details and announcements to come any day now regarding the Galaxy S III. Probably right before or after MWC 2012 to get everyone interested. We’ll update when we find more details.


  • Anonymous

    Um the resolution on the Galaxy Nexus is 720×1280, not 800

  • Wouldn’t this potentially be the UAProf for the recently announced Galaxy Tab 2? Specs on that confirm the same resolution.

    •  well yes but phones are listed with i.. not tablets from what I understood

      • Ah, didn’t think about that. You are probably right. It was just a good coincidence at the time. 

  • Anonymous

    The Galaxy SII is the GT-I9100, not GT-i9200

  • Yes, that’s correct. So far there are no device named GT-i9200 and if GT-i9300 won’t be released as SGSIII then 9200 could be.

  • Yes, that’s correct. So far there are no device named GT-i9200 and if GT-i9300 won’t be released as SGSIII then 9200 could be.

  • Anonymous

    So your feelings and rumours are better than the someone else’s feelings and rumours is what you’re saying?

    To you I’d say, where is your evidence that this ISN’T the S3?  

    Conversely, to all the authors of the articles which said the UAProf was for the S3, where is the evidence that it IS the S3?

    No one has any evidence either for or against, so it’s all just hot air.  Why even bother posting it at all.

  • hssrinsf

    I can’t see any of the samsung profiles anymore. Did they pull it from their site: